Model Marketing Questions for Upcoming SBI Associate Clerk Exam 2015-Part-IV

    Model Marketing Questions
    Model Marketing Questions for Upcoming SBI Associate Clerk Exam 2015-Part-IV:   
    List of Model Marketing Questions for the upcoming SBI Associate Clerk Exam 2015 were given below. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use these questions to score more marks.

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    1).Which concept holds that consumers will favor those products that offer the most quality, performance or innovative features?
    a)   Product
    b)   Selling
    c)   Holistic marketing
    d)   Production
    e)   Marketing

    2).Market survey means?
    a)   Marketing strategies
    b)   All of the given options
    c)   Market monitoring
    d)   Market planning
    e)   Market research

    3).Which of the following markets requires developing a superior product and packaging along with continuous advertising?
    a)   Profit market
    b)   Non profit/government
    c)   Global markets
    d)   Consumer markets
    e)   Business markets

    4).Delivery Channel means?
    a)   Service centers
    b)   Other than those given as options
    c)   Handing over the products to the buyers
    d)   Product manufacturing
    e)   Places where product are made available to the buyers

    5).____ is the acquiring or merging with firm in the same or complementary industries to get economies of scale or scope?
    a)   Merging
    b)   Empowering
    c)   Outsourcing
    d)   Globalizing
    e)   Accelerating

    6).Which of the following may be classified as FMCG?
    a)   Printing Machines
    b)   Tobaco Product
    c)   Life Saving Drugs
    d)   Coin Vending Machines
    e)   Industrial Goods

    7).Buyer resistance in a sales deal can be overcome by means of ..?
    a)   Lengthy sales talk
    b)   Confusing sales talk
    c)   IT jargons
    d)   Perseverance
    e)   Arguing skills

    8).The best, important and central activity of a business is known as its?
    a)   Portfolio
    b)   Product line
    c)   Nuclear Activity
    d)   Mainstay
    e)   Cone Competency

    9).The target group for Home Loans is?
    a)   All body-builder
    b)   Tiles manufacturers
    c)   Housing societies
    d)   Farmers ‘societies
    e)   Individuals not owning any house

    10) A Good customer service is an extended arm of__?
    a)   Service Marketing
    b)   Web Marketing
    c)   Process Marketing
    d)   Indirect Marketing
    e)   Internet Marketing

    1). a)   2). e)   3). d)   4). e)   5). a)   6). b)   7). d)   8). e)   9). e)   10). a)

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