PM Three Nation Visit: Brief Description

    PM Three Nation Visit: Brief Description

    PM Three Nation Visit: Brief Description:

    Dear Readers, Here we have given the brief description about the PM Narendra Modi’s Three Nation Visit, which will help you in the preparation. Make use of it.

    PM Modi visit to Russia

    PM Modi was in Russia for two days to attend the annual India-Russia Summit in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin to further strengthen the already close bilateral strategic partnership. The highlights of the visit are listed below:
    ·        Reliance Defencehad signed a manufacturing and maintenance deal potentially worth$6 billionwithRussia’s Almaz-Antey, the maker of an air defence system.
    ·        PM N Modi attended 16th INDO-RUSSIA ANNUAL SUMMIT.In this regard,ways to expand economic cooperation between the two countries were explored aiming to take the currentbilateral annual trade of$ 10 billion to $30 billion in thenext 10 years.
    ·        Modi has visitedRussia’s STATE-OF-THE-ART crisis management centre which deals with emergency situations and ensures coordination among various relevant agencies.
    ·        Apage from Mahatma Gandhi’s diary containing his handwritten notes and an18th century swordfrom Bengal has been presented to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    The two countries signed16memorandums of understanding (MOU) on technicalcooperation in the railway sector,building solar energy plants in India,investment cooperation inRussia’s Far East. These are as follows:
    1.  Amending the agreement between the GOI and Russia onsimplification of requirements for mutual travels of certain categories of citizens of the two countries.
    2.  Protocol amending agreement between the GOI and Russia onmutual travel regime forholders of Diplomatic& Official Passports.
    3.  Cooperation in the field of Helicopter EngineeringIt includes manufacturing of 226 military helicopters and construction of 12 atomic plants with involvement of local companies in India.
    4.  Combating Customs violations in 2015 – 2017.
    5.  Localization of Manufacturing in India for Russian-Designed Nuclear Reactor UnitProgramme of action agreed between Department of Atomic Energy of India and Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”.
    6.  Technical cooperation in railway sectorIt has been inked between the Ministry of Railways and the Joint Stock Company “Russian Railways”.
    7.  Construction of solar energy plants in IndiaIt has been agreed between Solar Energy Corporation of India and Russian Energy Agency.
    8.  Development of Centre of Excellence for heavy engineering design at HEC (HeavyEngineering Corporation Limited)It has been signed between HEC&CNIITMASH.
    9.  Upgradation and modernization of HEC’s manufacturing facilitiesInked between HEC&CNIITMASH.
    10.Cooperation in the field of BroadcastingIt has been signed between Prasar Bharati and Digital Television Russia.
    11.Tripartite MoU between Centre for Development of Advance Computing (C-DAC), IndianInstitute of Science Bangalore (IISc) and Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU).
    12.Tripartite MoU between Centres for Development of Advance Computing (C-DAC), OJSC“GLONASS” and GLONASS Union.
    13.Investment cooperation in the Russian Far EastIt has been signed between Tata Power Company Limited and Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East.
    14.Cooperation for geologic survey, exploration and production of hydrocarbons onshoreand on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation.
    15.Cooperation for geologic survey, exploration and production of hydrocarbons onshorethe Russian Federation between Rosneft oil company, Oil India Limited and Indian OilCorporation Limited.
    16.Confirmation of successful completion of the first stage pre-completion actions in relationto the creation of a Joint Venture in JSC VankorNeft.

    PM Modi visit to Afganistan

    After two days visit to Russia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Afghanistan to inaugurate thenewly-built Afghan parliament building in Kabul.After inauguration; Delegation-level bilateral talks between the two countries were held on key bilateral issues including security co-operation and the ways to help the war-torn country.
    ·        India has committed over USD 2 billion assistance.
    ·        India is also supplying 3 Russian-made Mi-35 helicopters to Afghanistan’s air force.

    PM Modi visit to Pakistan

    On his way back to India from Kabul he made an impromptu visit to Pakistan towish his counterpart Nawaz Sharif on his birthday.During his 150-minute visit to Lahore, PM Modi held talks with Nawaz Sharif at the Pak PM’s residence. The two leaders decided to open ways for peace people of the two countries. Mr Modi is thefirst Indian PM to visit Pakistan since 2004.

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