Practice Aptitude Questions for SBI Associate Clerk Exam 2015 Set-10 (With Solution)

Practice Aptitude Questions for SBI Associate Clerk Exam
Practice Aptitude Questions for SBI Associate Clerk Exam 2015 Set-10 (With Solution):     
List of Practice Aptitude Questions for the SBI Associate Clerk Exam 2015 were given below. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use these questions to score more marks.

     Directions (Question 01–05): Study the following information carefully and answer given questions.
The pie – chart shows the percentage of population of different villages.

Total population of 8 villages = 2456500


1).What is the total population of village A, B and E together?
a)   712385
b)   958053
c)   95803
d)   950835
e)   933470

2).If the male population of village H is 185623 then what will be the female population of the village?
a)   231983
b)   241692
c)   2398192
d)   231982
e)   231892

3).What will be the difference in the population of village C, F, and H together and that of the village A, B and D together?
a)   122826
b)   133825
c)   122829
d)   1822825
e)   122825

4).The population of village G is what per cent of the population of village D?
a)   125%
b)   150%
c)   175%
d)   100%
e)   None of these

5).How many villages have population more than 3 lakes?
a)   Four
b)   Three
c)   Five
d)   Two
e)   None of these

    Directions (Questions 06 – 10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions:
     The total population of a village is 35000. Out of these 70% are literate. 44% of the total populations are females. Out of the total illiterate population, males and females are in the ratio of 28: 47.

6).What is the ratio of illiterate females to literate females?
a)   63 : 47
b)   47 : 63
c)   16 : 47
d)   47 : 16
e)   None of these

7).Out of the total literate population, what is the ratio of male literates to female literate?
a)   17 : 8
b)   8 : 17
c)   9 : 16
d)   16 : 9
e)   None of these

8).What is the total number of male population?
a)   15400
b)   18600
c)   17800
d)   19400
e)   19600

9).If 5% of male literate population are graduates how many male graduates are there in the village?
a)   784
b)   196
c)   980
d)   120
e)   None of these

10).What is the number of illiterate females?
a)   6859
b)   8820
c)   6580
d)   6480
e)   None of these

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