Practice English Questions (Fill in the Blanks) Set-29

Practice English Questions (Fill in the Blanks) Set-29
Practice English Questions (Fill in the Blanks) Set-29:
Practice English Questions for upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

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    Directions (Q.1-5): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole

1).With the economy taking ___________ stage, one of the major players in the sector, the governor of the RBI, has come ____________ the spot light as well
a)   Deep, at
b)   Front, on
c)   Main, in
d)   Common, before
e)   Centre, under

2).Raghuram Rajan is among the ______________ economic thinkers in the world and is credited with ______________ the 2008 global crisis
a)   Leading, thinking
b)   Foremost, predicting
c)   Primary concluding
d)   Champion, figuring
e)   Chief, judging

3).If rhetoric was the ____________ to judge a government’s performance in its first year in office, and then the Narendra Modi government comes out with flying __________.
a)   Standard, wings
b)   Yardstick, aeroplanes
c)   Criterion, birds
d)   Benchmark, colors
e)   Gauge, kites

4).If you have an investment ___________ that is three years or longer, you should definitely go for actively managed debt funds, since taxation benefits __________ in only after three years in such schemes.
a)   Horizon, kick
b)   Prospect, comes
c)   Opportunity, pitch
d)   Space, chip
e)   Option, give

5).___________ in exploration have in recent year __________ a scramble for securing exploration contracts with the international seabed authority.
a)   Inventions, sparked
b)   Rise, prompted
c)   Breakthroughs, triggered
d)   Progress, activated
e)   Discover, caused

    Directions (6-10): In each of the following question four words are given, of which two are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning. Find the two words which are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning.

A.  Extracted
B.  Wretched
C.  Respected
D.  Blessed
a)   C-D
b)   A-D
c)   B-C
d)   A-B
e)   B-D

A.  Entice
B.  Tempt
C.  Exhort
D.  Prattle
a)   A-D
b)   A-B
c)   A-C
d)   C-D
e)   B-C

A.  Perturbation
B.  Conversation
C.  Depreciation
D.  Tranquility
a)   C-D
b)   B-D
c)   A-D
d)   B-C
e)   A-B

A.  Charisma
B.  Heist
C.  Buoyant
D.  Burglary
a)   B-C
b)   B-A
c)   C-D
d)   A-C
e)   B-D

A.  Triumphant
B.  Hybrid
C.  Lampoon
D.  Spoof
a)   B-C
b)   A-B
c)   C-D
d)   A-D
e)   B-D

1). e)   2). b)   3). d)   4). a)   5). c)   6). e)   7). b)   8). c)   9). e)   10). c)
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