Practice English Questions (Fill in the Blanks) Set-39

    Practice English Questions (Fill in the Blanks) Set-39
    Practice English Questions (Fill in the Blanks) Set-39:
    Practice English Questions for upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

        Directions (Q.1-10): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blank in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete

    1).Software company’s _____________ improved their ability last year to earn more revenue while employing fewer people, reflecting the major transformation ___________ in a sector that has created a new middle class in India.
    a)   Greatly, undertaken
    b)   Gravely, advancing
    c)   Carelessly, ongoing
    d)   Fiercely, afoot
    e)   Dramatically, underway

    2).Banks is financial intermediaries where the ____________ of the public are ________ and lent to various sectors of the economy.
    a)   Basics, activated
    b)   Resources, mobilized
    c)   Assets, organized
    d)   Funds, mustered
    e)   Capital, gathered

    3).The customer demands have __________ a fierce competition amongst the banks and financial companies for the application of computer and telecommunication technology in their operations to help them offer ___________ products and services at reduced costs.
    a)   Caused, contemporary
    b)   Produced, new
    c)   Sparked, inventive
    d)   Triggered, innovative
    e)   Generated, original

    4).In a bank’s portfolio losses _______________ from outright default due to inability or unwillingness of a customer or counterparty to meet _____________ in relation to lending, trading, settlement and other financial transactions.
    a)   Emerge, pledge
    b)   Come, promise
    c)   Stem, commitments
    d)   Derive, guarantee
    e)   Arise, responsibility

    5)._____________ to enhance bilateral cooperation, Japan promised $35-billion assistance to India for the next five years towards funding next-generation infrastructure projects, smart cities, ____________ of the Ganga and introduction of bullet trains.
    a)   Pledging , rejuvenation
    b)   Undertaking, resurgence
    c)   Swearing, renewal
    d)   Promising, revival
    e)   Contracting, revitalization

    6).Two political scions who _____________ as young Members of Parliament ________ a decade ago are now ministers with key infrastructure portfolios like telecom, shipping and corporate affairs.
    a)   Began, around
    b)   Took, hardly
    c)   Opened, merely
    d)   Launched, scarcely
    e)   Debuted, nearly

    7).Tarun Tajpal publicly shouted from the rooftop against sexual harassment and privately ____________ in morally suspect behavior ____________ the same roof.
    a)   Cater, below
    b)   Indulged, under
    c)   Entertain, in
    d)   Oblige, beneath
    e)   Gratify, at

    8).’The Ghaziabad court may have given the _______________ in the Aarushi Talwar case, but a lot many loose ends still remain.
    a)   conclusion
    b)   sentence
    c)   decree
    d)   verdict
    e)   award

    9).There comes a moment in the life of a nation when the usurper rises from the __________ of disenchantment and _____________ the comforting ____________ of the time.
    a)   Recesses, shatters, certainties
    b)   Nook, crush, store
    c)   Interval, impair, lock
    d)   Intermission, smash, stock
    e)   Nook, crush, store

    10).Set against the Congress’s _____________ headquarters and _____________ state branches, BJP has the advantage of a galvanizing general at the top and able warriors in the provinces.
    a)   Subsidized, battered
    b)   Reduced, shaky
    c)   Diminished, dilapidated
    d)   Slackened, damaged
    e)   Declined, shabby

    1). e)   2). b)   3). d)   4). c)   5).a )   6). e)   7). b)   8). d)   9). a)   10). c)

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