Practice English Questions (Fill in the Blanks) Set-44

    Practice English Questions (Fill in the Blanks) Set-44
    Practice English Questions (Fill in the Blanks) Set-44:
    Practice English Questions for upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams were given below, candidates those who are preparing for the examination can use this question.

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    Directions (01-05):Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

    1).Christianity’s demographic defeat in India is because for the first time it _________ a culture that didn’t need to ________ other faiths.
    a)   Turned up, harass
    b)   Met, assist
    c)   Confronted, please
    d)   Bore, neglect
    e)   Encountered, persecute

    2).We believes it_____________ that more researches consider ___________ on smart phones as a new kind of thinking.
    a)   Critical, doubt
    b)   Indispensable, hope
    c)   Requisite, depending
    d)   Imperative, reliance
    e)   Clamorous, faith

    3).Following the notorious Niira Radia tapes that irreparably ___________corporate India’s image, the petroleum ministry break – in- shames it even________.
    a)   Gouged, if
    b)   Dented, further
    c)   Pit, more
    d)   Notched, then
    e)   Scratched, fresh

    4).To give the defence sector the desired______________ currently the focus seems to be one____________ of technology and joint manufacture.
    a)   assault, entrance
    b)   thrust, institution
    c)   push, induction
    d)   drive, inauguration
    e)   energy, initiation

    5).I can __________ my daily protein needs______________ chicken peals alone.
    a)   Meet, through
    b)   Take, in
    c)   Eat, with
    d)   Require, from
    e)   Have, by

        Directions (Q.6-10): In each of the following sentences there are certain blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five options denoted by the numbers 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5). Find out which option can be used to fill up the blank(s) in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

    6).Sikkim was ____________ seriously by the September 2011 earthquake, which measured 6.9 on the Richter ____________.
    a)   Haunted, calibration
    b)   Damaged, meter
    c)   Effected, range
    d)   Affected, scale
    e)   Blemished, system

    7).India has a vibrant publishing scene, thanks to not only the big publishers but also a lot of quality _____________ little publishing houses that ___________ it going.
    a)   Conscious, keep
    b)   Cognisant, enjoy
    c)   Mindful, retain
    d)   Apprised, retain
    e)   Responsive, put

    8).The staunch proponents of economic liberalization have often __________ that the relaxation of state ___________ will lead to phenomenal growth of industries spurred by FDI.
    a)   Crossed, dominion
    b)   Hassled, domination
    c)   Jumped, inability
    d)   Contended, neglect
    e)   Argued, control

    9).After a relationship ___________ over one-and-a-half centuries, on July 14, Kolkata bid an emotional ___________ to a mode of communication called the telegram
    a)   Covering, hello
    b)   Ranging, goodbye
    c)   Spanning, adieu
    d)   Extending, relation
    e)   Traversing, farewell

    10).________the defeat of Tipu Sultan in the Fourth Anglo Mysore War (1798-99) in Srirangpatnam, the British army ___________ itself in the vicinity of the old city area of Bangalore.
    a)   On, armoured
    b)   With, garrisoned
    c)   By, opened
    d)   At, guarded
    e)   For, left

    1). e)   2). d)   3). b)   4). c)   5). a) 6). d)    7). a)   8). e)   9). b)   10). b)
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