Practice Mock Test English Question Set-I | For IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk Exams

    Mock Test English Question Set-I
    Practice Mock Test English Question Set-I | For IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk Exams:
    Practice English Questions Mock Test for IBPS/SBI and various banking exams. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use these questions to improve your skills and to score more marks.

    English Questions Set-I: (High Level)

    1. What is the meaning of the phrase- Taking with a grain of salt?
      1. Being fond of salty meals
      2. Being late for all the important work
      3. To view something with skepticism or lightly
      4. Initiating a fight sans provoke

    2. Fill in the blank: The ____ purpose of education is not to teach a language or pump facts into us but to _____ our ability to think?
      1. Secondary, decrease
      2. Raise, improve
      3. Agenda, Thing
      4. Primary, Foster

    3. Choose the most opposite word for- Haughty?
      1. Ugly
      2. Dull
      3. Humble
      4. Cold

    4. What is the meaning of the word- Eloquent?
      1. To lock oneself
      2. To be able to express oneself in a clear and effective manner
      3. Naughty when alone
      4. To be friend any one all times

    5. Fill in the Blank: Ravi is not ___ tall ___ his brother?
      1. as, as
      2. as, like
      3. nether, nor
      4. either, or

    6. What is the Synonyms of the Word- Figurative ?
      1. Mainting a nice physique with regular exercise
      2. To be fond of figs and ice creams
      3. To draw figures
      4. To use metaphoric and being elaborative to express

    7. What is the meaning of the given idiom- To put wool over others people’s eyes?
      1. To be friendly with strangers
      2. Not to taking anything seriously
      3. To help someone in winter
      4. To Deceive someone into thinking well of them

    8. Among the below mentioned words, which has correct spelling? 
      1. Parsimonus
      2. Parsimonious
      3. Pursuemonus
      4. Persimoneouse

    9. Choose the word which is similar in meaning of the word- Sapid?
      1. Punctual
      2. Eager
      3. Tasty
      4. Unique

    10. Select the word which is opposite in mean for the word- Perseverance?
      1. Idleness
      2. Startle
      3. Utmost
      4. Constancy

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