Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions for Upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams 2015 (With Solutions) Set-13

Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions for Upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams 2015 (With Solutions) Set-13
Practice Quantitative Aptitude Questions for Upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams 2015 (With Solutions) Set-13:
The List of Practice Aptitude Questions was given below along with the solution. Candidates those who are preparing for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk and all other banking exams can use this material for preparation.
1). Ramesh’s annual income is Rs. 6,42,000. He spends 1/5 of his monthly income on household expenditure and 3/8 of the remaining monthly income on his children’s school fees. If he donates 12% of his remaining monthly income to an NGO what is the amount left with him every month (if there is no other expenditure)?
a)   Rs. 21,800
b)   Rs. 23,400
c)   Rs. 21,000
d)   Rs. 23,540
e)   Rs. 22,680
2).The compound interest (compound annually) on a certain sum of money@20 pcpa for 2 years is Rs.5984. What is the simple interest on the same sum of money @9pcpa for 6 years?
a)   Rs.7236
b)   Rs.7452
c)   Rs.7668
d)   Rs.7128
e)   Rs.7344
3).A vessel contains 72 litres of a mixture of milk and water. The ratio of milk to water in the vessel is 5:4. If 18 litres of mixture is taken out from that vessel and then 10 litres of water is added to it, what will be the percentage of milk in the final mixture?
a)   46× (7/8)
b)   44× (7/8)
c)   48 ×(5/8)
d)   49 ×(3/8)
e)   43 ×(1/8)
4).When half of a number is added to 234, it becomes five times of itself. What is the number?
a)   48
b)   52
c)   60
d)   54
e)   56
5).The marked price of a table is Rs.11,200. The shopkeeper sold it by allowing 16% discount on the marked price and earned a profit of 12%. What is the cost price of the table?
a)   Rs.7800
b)   Rs.8200
c)   Rs.8400
d)   Rs.8800
e)   Rs.8000
6).A circular lawn has an area of 1386m2. A 14m-wide path surrounds the lawn. What is the area of the lawn including the path? (in m2)
a)   3850
b)   3560
c)   4820
d)   3250
e)   3920
7).The length and breadth of a rectangle are in the ratio of 9:7 and its area is 1008m2. Find the perimeter of the rectangle (in m).
a)   224
b)   194
c)   186
d)   212
e)   128
8).The boat can go 15.2 km downstream in 24 minutes .If the speed of the stream is 2.5 kmph, how much distance (in km) can the boat cover upstream in 18 minutes?
a)   8.6
b)   9.3
c)   10.1
d)   10.5
e)   9.9
9).In the year 2013, the ratio of males to females in a village was 6:7. In the year 2014, the male population increased by 15% and the female population increased by 12%. If the total population in the year 2014 was 5896, what was the female population in the village in the year 2014?
a)   3862
b)   2564
c)   2760
d)   3240
e)   3136
10).A is 80% more efficient than B. If they work together they can complete the same piece of work in 19 × (2/7) days. In how many days can B alone finish the same piece of work?
a)   45
b)   48
c)   54
d)   57
e)   63
1). d)   2). e)   3). a)   4). b)   5). c)   6). a)   7). e)   8). e)   9). e)   10). c)
Check Below for Detailed Solutions of the above Aptitude Questions:
1). Ramesh’s monthly income = 642000/12 = Rs. 53,500
Now, expenditure on household goods
= 53500×(1/5)= 10700
Remaining income = 53500-10700
= Rs.42800.
Again, expenditure on children’s school fees
= (3/8)× 428000= Rs. 16050
Remaining monthly income= 42800-16050= Rs. 26750
Again, he denotes 12% of this to NGO
Donated amount [(26750×12)/100]= Rs. 3210
Remaining amount = 26750-3210
= Rs. 23540.
Answer: d)
2). CI= P {(1+r/100)n-1}
Or, 5984=P {(I+20/100)2-1}
Or, 5984=P {(6/5)2-1} = P {(36-25)/25}
P=(5984×25)/11 =544×25 =Rs.13600
Now, SI =(P×r×t)/100 =(13600×9×6)/100 =Rs.7344
Answer: e)
3). Milk in vessel =(72/9)×5 =40 litres
Water in vessel =(72/9)×4 =32 litres
According to the question, milk in 18 litres mixture=18×(5/9) =10 litres
New mixture=(72-18+10) =64litres
Now, milk in new mixture=40-10 =30 litres
Reqd percentage of milk in the mixture =(30/64) ×100 =46×(7/8)%
Answer: a)
4). Let the number be x.
Then, (x/2) +234 =5x
Or, 5x-x/2 =234
Or, 9x =234×2
x=(234×2)/9 =52
Answer: b)
5). Reqd cost price
=100×84 =Rs.8400
Answer: c)

Area of the lawn =1386

Or,π r2= 1386

New radius including path =21+14 =35m

New area =π r=[(22/7)×35×35] =3850m2
Answer: a)
7). Let the length be 9x and the breadth be 7x
Then, 9x×7x =1008
Or,63x2 =1008
Or,x2=1008/63 =16
Now, perimeter of the rectangle
=2(l+b) =2(9×4+7×4)
= 2(36+28) =2×64 =128m2
Answer: e)
8). Downstream speed=(15.2×60)/24
=912/24 =38 kmph
Speed of the stream
=2.5 kmph
 Speed of the boat = (38-2.5)
=35.5 kmph
Now upstream speed =35.5-2.5
=33 kmph
Distance covered in 18 minutes =(33/60)×18 =9.9 km
Answer: e)
9). Let the male population in the year 2013 be 6x and the female population that year be 7x.
 Now, according to the question,
6x×(115/100) + 7x×(112/100) =5896
Or,6.9x + 7.84x =5896
Or,14.74x =5896
x=(5896/14.74) =400
Thus, the female population in 2014 =7.84×400 =3136
Answer :e)
10). Work efficiency of A to B =180:100 =9:5
When they work together they finish the work in 19×2/7 days =135/7 days
Now, B alone can finish the work in (135/7 ×14/5) =54 days
Answer: c)
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