Crack SBI Clerk / IDBI Executive 2018 – Logical Reasoning (Blood Relation and Coding Decoding) Day-35

Dear Readers, Reasoning Section play a vital role in Banking and all other competitive exams. This year 2018 was started with three wonderful opportunities; Most Awaited SBI Clerk 2018. To enrich your preparation here we have providing new series of Practice Questions on Reasoning Ability – Blood Relation and Coding Decoding. Candidates those who are going to appear in Bank Exams 2018 can practice these questions daily and make your preparation effective.

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1) Introducing Shakthi, Siva says,”She is the wife of only nephew of only brother of my mother.”How Shakthi is related to Siva?

a) Wife

b) Sister

c) Sister-in-law

d) Data is inadequate

e) None of these


2) Pointing to a gentleman, Rajesh said,” His only brother is the father of my daughter’s father.” How is gentleman related to Rajesh?

a) Brother

b) Father

c) Grand Father

d) Uncle

e) None of these



Direction (3- 5): These questions are based on the following information.

[email protected]’ means ‘A is the mother of B’

‘A$B’ means ‘A is the husband of B’

‘A#B’ means ‘A is the sister of B’

‘A*B’ means ‘A is the son of B’.

3) P#Q*[email protected], then which of the following is definitely true?

a) T is the brother of P

b) P is the sister of T

c) P is the brother of Q

d) T is the brother of Q

e) None of these


4) Which of the following indicates the relationship ‘R’ is the daughter of T’?

a) R#F*[email protected]

b) R#F*B$T

c) [email protected]#R*F

d) [email protected]#F*R

e) None of these


5) A*[email protected]*D, represents what relation of D with A?

a) Mother

b) Father

c) Father-in-law

d) Sister

e) None of these



Directions (6-10): Study the information carefully and answer the questions given below.

In a certain code language,

“The truth will out” is written as “9H14, 25H11, 16E10, 9K4”

“Love can find way” is written as “16P6, 9E1, 16V1, 9Y10”

“Legend follows own rules” is written as “36P7, 49V12, 9K0, 25J0”


6) What is the code for the word ‘Wheat’ in the same language based on the pattern?

a) 25U7

b) 25C4

c) 25E2

d) 25V8

e) None of these


7) What is the code for the word ‘Instagram’ in the same language based on the pattern?

a) 81Q3

b) 64U1

c) 49U1

d) 100V1

e) 81Q2


8) How is “Hockey League” coded in the same language based on the pattern?

a) 36U5 36O8

b) 36V4 49O9

c) 25G6 36K8

d) 36T16 36P6

e) None of these.


9) How will ‘world entrepreneurship summit’ be coded in the same language based on the pattern?

a) 25E18 256V10 36I0

b) 25E18 256U10 49I0

c) 25F18 256U10 64I0

d) 25G18 256U10 25I0

e) None of these


10) What does the code ‘16L4′ stand for in the same language based on the pattern ?

a) Well

b) Dark

c) Park

d) Cool

e) None of these


1.Answer a) Wife

Brother of mother means maternal uncle. Hence only nephew of Siva’s maternal uncle means Siva himself. Therefore Sonia is the wife of Siva.

2. Answer d) Uncle

Father of my daughter’s Father = Rajesh Father

Brother of Rajesh’s father = Rajesh’s Uncle

3. Answer b) P is the sister of T

4. Answer b) R#F*B$T

5. Answer b) Father



Square of the total number of letters


(i) If first letter of the word is vowel than we take preceding letter of the opposite of the first letter in the word.

(ii) If first letter is consonant than we take following letter of the opposite of the first letter in the word.


Number of letter between the first and last letter of the word in the alphabetical series


Wheat = 25E2

6. Answer c) 25E2

7. Answer a) 81Q3

8. Answer d) 36T16 36P6

9. Answer e) None of these

25E18 256U10   36I0

10. Answer c) Park

Daily Practice Test Schedule | Good Luck

Topic Daily Publishing Time
Daily News Papers & Editorials 8.00 AM
Current Affairs Quiz 9.00 AM
Logical Reasoning 10.00 AM
Quantitative Aptitude “20-20” 11.00 AM
Vocabulary (Based on The Hindu) 12.00 PM
Static GK Quiz 1.00 PM
English Language “20-20” 2.00 PM
Banking Awareness Quiz 3.00 PM
Reasoning Puzzles & Seating 4.00 PM
Daily Current Affairs Updates 5.00 PM
Data Interpretation / Application Sums (Topic Wise) 6.00 PM
Reasoning Ability “20-20” 7.00 PM
English Language (New Pattern Questions) 8.00 PM
General / Financial Awareness Quiz 9.00 PM



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