Practice Reasoning Questions For SBI PO Prelims 2017 (Miscellaneous)

    Practice Reasoning Questions For SBI PO Prelims 2017 (Puzzle& Number Sequence)

    [Dated: 5th May] Practice Reasoning Questions For SBI PO Prelims 2017 (Miscellaneous:

    Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for Banking and all other Competitive exams can use this practice questions.

    1).Which of the following symbols should be placed in the blank spaces respectively to make the expressions T>O, R≤O and S
    O _ S _ R _ T
    a)  <,>,<
    b)  <,<, ≤
    c)  >,>,<
    d)  <, ≤,>
    e)  None of these
    2).How many such pairs of letter are there in the word MANAGED each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabetical
    a)  Two
    b)  Three
    c)  None
    d)  More than three
    e)  None of these
    3).In the following number sequence, how many such odd digits are there which are each divisible by its immediate preceding digit but not exactly divisible by its immediate succeeding digit?
    3 9 4 2 6 5 3 1 2 2 8 3 1
    a)  One
    b)  Three
    c)  Four
    d)  None
    e)  Two
    4).  A who is the sister-in-law of B. D is the father of E who is the only brother of B. A is the daughter-in-law of C . How C is related to B?
    a)  Mother-in-law
    b)  Aunt
    c)  Wife
    d)  Uncle
    e)  None of these
    5).A, B, C, D and E are sitting on a bench. A is sitting next to B, D is not sitting with E who is on the left end of the bench. C is on the second position from the right. A and C are sitting together. In which position A is sitting ?
    a)  Between B and D
    b)  Between B and C
    c)  Between E and D
    d)  Between C and E
    e)  None of these
    6).Bala starts walking straight towards east. After walking 75 meters, he turns to the left and walks 25 meters straight. Again he turns to the left, walks a distance of 40 meters straight, again he turns to the left and walks a distance of 25 meters. How far is he from the starting point?
    a)  25 meters
    b)  50 meters
    c)  115 meters
    d)  140 meters
    e)  None of these
    7).In a class of 20 students, Yuvi’s rank is 15th from the top. Rohan is 4 ranks above Yuvi. What is Rohan’s rank from the bottom?
    a)  10th
    b)  11th
    c)  9th
    d)  12th
    e)  None of these
    8).In a certain code language,
    (A) ‘pit na som’ means ‘bring me water’
    (B) ‘na jo tod’ means ‘water is life’
    (C) ‘tub od pit’ means ‘give me toy’
    (D) ‘jo lin kot’ means ‘life and death’
    Which of the following represents ‘is’ in that language ?
    a)  jo
    b)  na
    c)  tod
    d)  lin
    e)  None of these
    9).John, Jenita, Maria and Julie went to a shop. Each picked a colorful ball of a different favorite color. The colors are Yellow, Violet, Green and Red. John and Maria both do not like violet. Jenita’s favorite color is either green or yellow. John likes red. Julie and Maria does not like green. Yellow is favorite colore for whom?
    a)  John
    b)  Jenita
    c)  Maria
    d)  Julie
    e)  None of these
    10).Which of the following expression is not necessarily true, if the given expression is true?
    S> T ≥ R> P = N ≤ O> Q
    a)  S> P
    b)  T> N
    c)  T> P
    d)  P>Q
    e)  None of these
    Explanation With Answer Key:
    1). E)Check options one by one:
    a) OR<T
    Thus T and O can’t be compared. Hence does not follow.
    b) O< S< R ≤ T Thus, T> O. But R> O. Hence does not follow.
    c) O>S>R
    d) O<S≤R>T T and O can’t be compared. Hence, does not follow.
    2). B)
    3). A) 3 9 4
    4). E)
    B is the only brother of E and A is the sister-in-law of B. Hence A is the wife of E. C is the mother-in-law of A. C is the mother of B.
    5). B)
    Therefore, A is sitting in between B and C.
    6). E)
    The movements of Bala are shown in the figure.

    Clearly, EB = DC = 40 m.

    Bala’s distance from the starting point A = (AB – EB) = (75 – 40)m = 35 m.
    7). A)
    Rohan’s rank from the top = 15-4 = 11th
    Rohan’s rank from the bottom = 20+1 – 11 =10th
    8). C)
    In statements A and B, the common code word is ‘na’ and the common word is ‘water’.
    So, ‘na’ means ‘water’.
    In statements B and D, the common code word is ‘jo’ and the common word is ‘life’.
    So, ‘jo’ means ‘life’.
    Thus, in statements B, ‘tod’ represents ‘is’.
    9). C)
    10). D)



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