Practice Reasoning Questions For Upcoming SBI PO prelims& TMB Exams 2017 (Syllogism& Seating arrangement)

Practice Reasoning Questions For Upcoming SBI PO Prelims& TMB Exams (Syllogism& Seating Arrangement)  Set-5:

Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions with explanation for Upcoming Exams was given here with explanation, candidates those who are preparing for Banking and all other Competitive exams can use this practice questions.

Directions (Q. 1-5):In each of the questions below are given statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seen to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the statements desregarding commonly known facts. Give answer:
a)   if only I follows.
b)   if only II follows.
c)   if either I or II follows.
d)   if both I and II follow.
e)   if neither I nor II follows.

1). Statements:All rats are cats.
Some cats are pets.
I.All rats being pets is a possiblity.
 II. Some cats can never be rats.

2). Statements:Some bats are hockeys.
 No bat is a ball.
I.There is a possibility that some hockeys are balls.
II. No hockey is a ball.

3). Statements:Some boys are honest.
Some honests are intelligent.
I.At least some boys are intelligent.
II.All boys are intelligent.

4). Statements:All carrots are parrots.
All parrots are green.
 I. There is a possiblity that some parrots are not carrots.
II.Some carrots are not green.

5). Statements:All handles are candles.
No candle is a pandle.
I.All handles can never be pandles.
II.All candles being handles is a possibility.

Directions (Q. 6-10):These questions are based on the following information.
In a board meeting of officers there were eight members, whose names are Aman, Baman, Chaman, Dhawan, Gagan, Magan, Naman, Pawan. Following information is about their sitting arrangement around a rectangular table on which three persons sit on the each longer side and one sits on the each smaller side.
·        There are two head officers and they sit on the single sides of the table. Dhawan and Pawan are not near Aman.
·        Magan sits on the corner of the longer side.
·        Gagan is diagonally opposite to Magan.
·        There is only one person between Gagan and Chaman
·        Baman is the head officer. He sits near Chaman, who is diagonally opposite to Naman.
·        Magan and Baman are not adjacent. Pawan is 3rd left of Gagan and he is not head officer.
·        Aman sits on the middle of longer side.

6). Who is in front of Pawan?
a)   Aman
b)   Magan
c)   Naman
d)   Gagan
e)   Dhawan

7). Who is the second head other than Baman?
a)   Magan
b)   Dhawan
c)   Pawan
d)   Aman
e)   Naman

8). Who are these three persons who sit on the same side?
a)   Gagan, Aman, Dhawan
b)   Chaman, Pawan, Gagan
c)   Naman, Aman, Chaman.
d)   Aman, Naman, Gagan
e)   Can’t be determined

9). Who is between Dhawan and Gagan?
a)   Aman, Pawan
b)   Aman, Naman
c)   Naman, Magan
d)   Aman, Magan
e)   Magan, Pawan

10). What is the sitting position of Pawan?
a)   2nd left of Magan
b)   3rd right of Aman
c)   diagonally opposite of Gagan
d)   2nd right of Dhawan
e)   2nd left of Chaman

1).a)  2).a)  3).e)  4).a)   5).d)   6).a)  7).b)  8).d)   9).b)   10).d)


Directions (Q. 1-5):
1). A) A possible Venn diagram is

Only I follows

2). A) A possible Venn diagram is

3). E) A possible Venn diagram is

So neither I nor II follows.

4). A)

According to this one of the possible venn-diagrams I
follows but II does not.

5). D)

According to the above possible Venn-diagrams, both
I and II follow.

Directions (Q. 6-10):

6). A)  Aman is in front of Pawan.
7). B) Dhawan is the second host.
3). D) Aman, Naman, and Gagan sit on the same side.
4). B) Aman and Naman sit between Dhawan and Gagan.

5). D) Pawan is 2nd right to Dhawan

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