Practice Reasoning Questions (with explanation) for Upcoming IBPS RRB/PO Exams 2015 Set-23

    Practice Reasoning Questions (with explanation) for Upcoming IBPS RRB/PO Exams 2015 Set-23
    Practice Reasoning Questions (with explanation) for Upcoming IBPS RRB/PO Exams 2015 Set-23:
    The List of Practice Reasoning Questions for Upcoming IBPS RRB/PO Exams was given below with explanation. Candidates those who are preparing for the examinations can use these questions.

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    1).Statement:For the second successive year, Monsoon is likely to be below normal with parts of north-west and central India to be the most affected.
    Which of the following will NOT be theeffect of the above statement?
    a)   Rise in the import of food grains.
    b)   Price of vegetables, grains and essential commodities will rise.
    c)   Food grains will become costlier.
    d)   It will be an extremely cold winter.
    e)   Water shortage in different parts of India

    2).Statement:At least 44 people were killed and 100 others injured as a heavy storm with rain and hail swept through northern and northeastern districts of Bihar, destroying standing crops and property worth several crores of rupees.
    Which of the following will be an immediatecourse of action taken by the Bihar government?
    a)   Compensation will be provided to the bereaved families
    b)   Doctors will be sent to the affected villages
    c)   Relief and rescue operations will be started in full swing across Northern and Northeastern districts
    d)   Relief camp will be established for the orphans
    e)   Only 2) and 3)

    3).Statement:Imported coal with high energy content is turning out to be cheaper at a large number of thermal plants than similar coal bought from Coal India.
    Which of the following may be aprobable reason for the cheaper imported coal?
    a)   Dip in the international price
    b)   Decline in shipping charge
    c)   High levy imposed by the state governments
    d)   Cheaper Indian Rupee against dollar
    e)   Only 1) and 2)

    4).Statement:Reliance Industries Ltd, which closed its entire petrol in 2008, plans to restart its 1400 retail fuel pump outlets by fiscal year ending March 2016
    Which of the following will be areason to restart the fuel pump outlets?
    a)   Deregulation of diesel and petrol price
    b)   Higher production by Reliance in the KG Basin plant
    c)   Demands by labor unions
    d)   Subsidies offered by the state government
    e)   Heavy profits by the Reliance Industries

    5).Statement:State-owned mineral producer National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) slashed iron-ore price by up to 20 per cent under pressure from the domestic steel sector.
    Which of the following will not be aneffect of the above statement?
    a)   Steel-made products will become cheaper
    b)   Profit of the company will fall
    c)   Fall in the share price of NMDC
    d)   Domestic steel industry will become competitive
    e)   All the above will be effects

    6).Statement:The finance ministry has asked public sector banks to explore innovative strategies to attract investors in their proposed share sales and has sought individual presentations from each bank after its annual results.
    Which of the following can definitely beinferred from the given information? (An inference is something that is not directly stated but can be inferred from the given information).
    a)   PSBs will be able to raise money from public offers
    b)   PSB business will improve in the coming days
    c)   PSBs will come at par with the private sector banks
    d)   NPA of Public Sector Banks (PSBs) will improve
    e)   Service of the PSBs will improve

    7).Statements:The government may substantially increase the proportion of flexible funds available to states under the centrally sponsored schemes to 25% from 10% at present.
    Which of the following statements wouldstrengthenthe argument given in the above statement?
    a)   The number of centrally sponsored schemes will come down
    b)   Complexity between centre and states will reduce
    c)   Freedom to use the scheme money will depend more on the states
    d)   Poor performing states will be given special status
    e)   Only 1) and 3)

    8).Statement:Cooking-gas consumers have faced delays of up to several weeks in getting subsidy payments and have been venting their frustration online amid applause for the rollout of the direct cash transfer scheme
    Which of the following may beprobable reasons for the delay in subsidy?
    A.  Lack of coordination between blanks and LPG distributors
    B.  Cut in the subsidy of petroleum products by the government
    C.  Feeding of wrong customer details in the system
    D.  Validation of customer accounts by the banks
    E.  Updation of consumers’ Aadhaar details by the banks
    a)   Only (A) and (B)
    b)   Only (B) and (E)
    c)   Only (A) and (E)
    d)   Only (D) and (B)
    e)   Only (A) and (C)

    9).Statement:The Modi Government has decided to build a road network from west to east in the border area with the name of Bharat Mala at an estimate cost of Rs. 14000 cr.
    Which of the following wouldweaken the decision taken by the Modi Government?
    a)   Ports and coastal regions will be connected
    b)   Problem in land acquisition and environmental clearances
    c)   Connectivity to the border areas will improve
    d)   Corruption in the project will take place
    e)   Supplies to India’s troops as well as military transport will improve.

    10).Statements: The government has decided to continue its Rs. 1000 monthly pension scheme, a move which would benefit over 20 lakh pensioners under social security scheme run by EPFO.
    Which of the following can beconcluded from the above statements?
    a)   Unorganized-sector people will lead a better life.
    b)   Pension should be given to all at par with government employees.
    c)   Old-age persons will benefit most from this scheme.
    d)   Pension is quite low against the growing cost of living
    e)   None of these

    11).Statements:The government has cancelled the licenses of nearly 9000 NGOs for the violation of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).
    Which of the following may be areason to cancel the licenses of NGOs?
    a)   Audit of NGOs not done for years
    b)   Not filing the annual returns for years
    c)   Not using the funds for social purpose
    d)   Anti-national activity by the NGOs
    e)   All the above

    1). d)   2). e)   3). e)   4). a)   5). e)   6). b)   7). b)   8). e)   9). b)   10). a)  11).e)
    Check below the detailed explanation for the above Reasoning Questions:

    1). Failure of monsoon can’t be linked to a cold winter
    Answer: d

    2). The immediate course of action to be provided by the state government is to provide relief material and send doctors in the affected areas. Point 1) and 4) are courses of action but not immediate
    Answer: e

    3). The probable reason for the cheaper import of coal is dip in international price and decline in shipping charges. So, point 5) is a valid option. Point 4) will increase the price of imported coal, so it’s not a valid option.
    Answer: e

    4). It was difficult for private sector Reliance to compete against public sector oil companies when the latter enjoyed the subsidy regime. In a deregulated environment Reliance can compete in a level playing field
    Answer: a

    5).Answer: e

    6). Innovation strategies taken by the bank will definitely help banks improve their business in the coming days, so only 2) can be definitely inferred from the given information,
    We can’t say definitely that NPAs of the bank will improve, so point 1) will be rejected. Point 3) is more of an assumption while 4) goes beyond the scope of the statement
    Answer: b

    7). With the increase in the flexible funds under the centrally sponsored scheme the complexity between the states and centre will decrease. So, only 2) is valid statement,
    Answer: b

    8). Lack of coordination between the blanks and the LPG distributors and feeding wrong details in the system may be probable reasons for the delay in the subsidy. So A and C are valid points
    Answer: e

    9). The main problem faced by the government in building roads is of acquisition of land. So only 2) is a valid point,
    Answer: b

    10). With the government renewing the monthly pension scheme it will definitely benefit the unorganized-sector people. So, only 1) is a valid inference.
    Answer: a

    11).Answer: e
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