Preparation Time Table and Planning for IBPS PO V Mains Exam 2015

    Preparation Time Table and Planning for IBPS PO V Mains Exam 2015
    Preparation Time Table and Planning for IBPS PO V Mains Exam 2015:
    Dear Readers, IBPS PO V Mains Exam is scheduled to be held on 31st October 2015. As we have very less time to prepare for the exams, we need an effective planning for the preparation.Good Planning will bring you Good Results and there is no doubt about it. Here we have given a Preparation Time Table for IBPS PO V Mains Exam 2015, starts from 15th October 2015 to 30th October 2015, have a look on it and start your preparation accordingly.

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    (6 – 7.30)am
    (7.30 – 9)am
    (6 – 8)pm
    (8 – 10)pm
    15 – Oct ‘15
    Important Dates and Days (preferably last 6 months)
    Comprehension passage
    Puzzle Test (Seating Arrangement, floor arrangement, etc.)
    Data Interpretation (Pie Chart, Bar Graph)
    16 – Oct ‘15
    Schemes, Bills and Agreements
    Obituaries and Books& Authors
    Arithmetic reasoning and number sequence
    Number Series
    17 – Oct ‘15
    Banking Awareness – RBI
    Natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries
    Data sufficiency
    Time& Work and Pipes& Cisterns
    18 – Oct ‘15
    Space Technology
    & Defence news
    Banking Awareness – Private Sector Banks in India
    Analogy and classification
    Ratio -Proportion and Problems on ages
    19 – Oct ‘15
    Banking Awareness – International Banks
    Persons and Places in News
    New Word Formation and Coding Decoding
    Average and Mensuration
    20 – Oct ‘15
    Computer networks, applications
    Jumbled Sentences& Error Deduction
    Input – Output
    Partnership and Boats& Streams
    21 – Oct ‘15
    Revision of Topics learned till now
    22 – Oct ‘15
    Awards and honors& new appointments
    Comprehension passage
    Syllogism along with the possibility case
    Data Interpretation (line graph, Tabulation method)
    23 – Oct ‘15
    Banking Awareness –Public Sector banks in India
    Nuclear and Thermal Power Plants
    Code consisting of meaningful words and distance between letters in word
    Simplification and approximate Simplification
    24 – Oct ‘15
    Currency and Capitals of Countries
    Important National and International Organization and their headquarters
    Code consists of a group of words (sun up -> ra di)
    Quadratic equations& Simple Equation
    25 – Oct ‘15
    Important Sports news
    MS Dos, Windows and operating systems
    Puzzle test
    Profit& Loss
    And Percentage
    26 – Oct ‘15
    Summits and Conferences
    Important Airports and Seaports
    Alphabet series
    Time& Distance and Problems on Trains
    27 – Oct ‘15
    Basic organization of computer and shortcuts on keyboard
    Science and Technology news
    Distance and Direction& Ranking
    Simple Interest and Compound interest
    28 – Oct ‘15
    Microsoft softwares (MS word, Excel, etc.)
    Antonyms and synonyms
    Mixed number, symbol and alphabet series
    Allegation& Mixture and Data Sufficiency
    29 – Oct ‘15
    Banking& Marketing Terminologies
    Cloze Test& Fill in the Blanks
    Blood relation and Equality – Inequality
    Probability and Permutation& Combination
    30 – Oct ‘15
    Revision of all Topics and Mock Test
    Note:We hope that this preparation time table will be very useful to start your preparation and for your convenience we have planned to provide the daily study materials updates in our website on the basis of the above time table. Kindly follow us regularly.

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