Previous English Questions for Upcoming IBPS Specialist Officer Exam 2015 Set-4

    Previous English Questions for IBPS Specialist Officer Exam 2015
    Posted Date-6th February 2015:
    Previous English Questions for Upcoming IBPS Specialist Officer Exam 2015 Set-4:           
    List of Previous English Questions for the upcoming IBPS Specialist Officer Exam 2015 were given below. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use these questions to score more marks.

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        Directions (Questions 1- 10): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make paragraph meaningful.

           A new avatar of the Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) launched by the government to(1) people to save more is welcome. It will reduce some demand for gold as investment, (2)imports and help savings rate dropped to 7.2% of GDP in 2013-14. It should be raised. The answer lies in both(3)inflation, improving the appeal of financial savings and offering a(4) variety of financial products. KVP offers an annual return of 8.7%, a tad higher than the 10- year g-secs yield of 8.2%, making it attractive for risk-averse investors. It also(5) flexibility. Investors can(6) after a lock-in of 2.5 years, and also(7)their certificates as(8) for loans. Clearly, an instrument such as the KVP provides comfort to people with limited(9)to formal finance and makes available long-term funds for investment. It wills also(10) many away from fraudulent schemes.

    a)   Encroach
    b)   Enamor
    c)   Encounter
    d)   Encompass
    e)   Encourage

    a)   Apportion
    b)   Spread
    c)   Curtail
    d)   Mar
    e)   Execrate

    a)   Reining
    b)   Replenish
    c)   Renew
    d)   Relinquish
    e)   Abate

    a)   High
    b)   Little
    c)   Small
    d)   Wider
    e)   Limited

    a)   Makes
    b)   Offers
    c)   Pitches
    d)   Gets
    e)   Denies

    a)   Exit
    b)   Enter
    c)   Have
    d)   Vent
    e)   Invest

    a)   Demand
    b)   Deposit
    c)   Pledge
    d)   Warrant
    e)   Access

    a)   Accessary
    b)   Auxiliary
    c)   Subsidiary
    d)   Warranty
    e)   Collateral

    a)   Outlet
    b)   Access
    c)   Reach
    d)   Avenue
    e)   Passage

    a)   Save
    b)   Carry
    c)   Manage
    d)   Keep
    e)   Hold

    1). e)   2). c)   3). a)   4). d)   5). b)   6). a)   7). c)   8). e)   9). b)   10). d)

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