Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS-SO Marketing Officer

    Important Professional Knowledge Questions
    Important Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS-SO Marketing Officer Set-1:
    Dear Readers, Important Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS Marketing Officer Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1). Among the following what are the advantages of conducting online research in a company?
    a)    Faster
    b)    Inexpensive
    c)    versatile
    d)    Only a and b
    e)    All of these

    2). Effective marketing research involves six steps. Which of the following is the proper sequence of the steps?
    A. Define the problem
    B. Collecting the information
    C. Developing the research plan
    D. Presenting the findings
    E. Analysing the information
    F. Making the decision
    a)    A – C – B – E – D – F
    b)    A – C – B – D – F – E
    c)    C – A – B – D – F – E
    d)     C – D – B – E – A – F
    e)    C – E – D – B – A – F

    3). The marketing in which a salesperson sells the product and encourages the customer to call if he or she has questions, comments or complaints is known as
    a)    Proactive marketing
    b)    Basic Marketing
    c)    Reactive marketing
    d)    Accountable Marketing
    e)    Partnership Marketing

    4). The Buying Decision process consists of the five stage model. Among the following which is the correct sequence of the buying decision process?
    a)    Purchase Decision – Evaluation of Alternatives – Post Purchase Behaviour – Information Search – Problem Recognition
    b)    Evaluation of Alternatives – Post Purchase Behaviour –– Information Search– Problem Recognition – Purchase Decision
    c)    Purchase Decision – Post Purchase Behaviour – Information Search – Problem Recognition – Evaluation of Alternatives
    d)     Problem Recognition – Information Search  – Evaluation of Alternatives – Purchase Decision – – Post Purchase Behaviour
    e)    None of these

    5). Focus of Marketing activity is always on ________?

    a)   Consumer’s need
    b)   Producer’s need
    c)   Government need
    d)   Taxable need

    e)    None of these

    6). Push marketing style requires
    a)    Team work
    b)    Proper planning
    c)    Aggressive Marketing
    d)    Proper channel Management
    e)    None of theses

    7). Which of the following is the proper sequence of sales process?
    a)    Lead generation – Presentation – Call – Sale
    b)    Presentation – Call –  Lead generation – Sale
    c)    Lead generation – Call  – Presentation– Sale
    d)    Presentation  – Lead generation – Call – Sale
    e)    None of these

    8). Banks sell insurance for
    a)    Increasing profits
    b)     Increasing sales
    c)     Increasing deposits
    d)     Increasing assets
    e)    None of these

    9). The pricing in which the organization sets an initial high price and then slowly lowers the price to make the product available to a wider market is known as
    a)    Competition Pricing
    b)    Penetration Pricing
    c)    Skimming Pricing
    d)    Psychological Pricing
    e)    Bundle Pricing

    10). Mutual Fund business from existing customers can be canvassed by
    a)    Internal marketing
    b)    Viral marketing
    c)    coercion
    d)    cross – selling
    e)    direct marketing


    1). e) 2). a) 3). c) 4). d) 5). a) 6). c) 7). c) 8). a) 9). c) 10). d)

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