Question asked in SBI Associate PO exam held on 9th November 2014(Both Batches)

Question asked in SBI Associate PO exam held on 9th November 2014(Both Batches):
List of questions that asked in SBI Associate PO Exam 2014 dated 09/11/2014. Candidates those who are preparing for the IBPS PO/Clerk and all other banking exams can make use of it.

NPS stands for?
New Pension Scheme
NBFC deals with?
Non-Banking Finance
World Rabis Day is observed on?
28th September
GDACS stands for?
Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System
Which is the regulatory body of RRB?
Who is the author of the bookGod of small things?
Arundhati Roy
Which of the body regulates the mutual funds in India?
PMEGP stands for?
Prime Ministers Employment Generation Programme
Who is the maximum share holder of Punjab National Bank(PNB)
Central Government
On which basis, Interest on savings bank account are paying?
Daily basis
Who won the Nobel prize for peace 2014?
Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi
MMID has linked with which of the following?
Mobile Banking
Who among the following is not a Tennis Player?
Lionel Messi
By which materials currency notes are made?
Pure Cotton Fibre
What meant by PING in computer networking utility?
Packet InterNet Groper
To control the inflation RBI should
Increase the Repo rate
RRB stands for?
Regional Rural Bank
In ECB,B stands for?
Who is the present Water Resources Minister?
Uma bharti
What is the upper limit for PPF?
1.5 lakhs
Match the wrong country and capital?
In CAR,A stands for
Name the footballer who was suspended for the biting italian paler in FIFA 2014?
Luiz Suarez
Which American activist uses the the sloganI Have a dream in public speech?
Martin Luther King
Who is the author of the bookFinal Test: Exit Sachin Tendulkar?
Dilip DSouza
Which is the regulatory body for insurance?
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority(IRDA)
Which is the oldest currency in the world?
Pound Sterling
What is the result of inflation?
Countries economic activities will decrease

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