Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Important Banking Awareness Questions Set-43

    Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Important Banking Awareness Questions Set-43
    Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Important Banking Awareness Questions Set-43:
    Dear Readers, list of Important Banking Awareness Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1). RBI monetary Policy helps _________
    a)   The government to frame its budget and make allocations
    b)   in controlling the money supply and keeping the supply and demand in tact
    c)   banks to get short term loans from RBI
    d)   None of these

    2).MSF is one of the short term lending of RBI to ________
    a)   All Banks in the country
    b)   To commercial and Co-operative Banks
    c)   Only to scheduled commercial Banks in the country
    d)   None of these

    3).In the open Money Market Operation, Financial Institutions __________.
    a)   Avails loan from RBI
    b)   Buy and sell securities and make changes money supply
    c)   Lend to each other
    d)   None of these

    4). The merger of major commercial banks with one another is the recommendation by the following committee ________.
    a)   Tandon Committee
    b)   Chore Committee
    c)   Rengarajan Committee
    d)   Narasimham Committee

    5).Which of the following is the Cheap Money available for the bank?
    a)   CASA deposit
    b)   Fixed Deposit
    c)   Recurring Deposits
    d)   Flat Funds

    6). The CRR and SLR maintenance is on the ________
    a)   NDTL
    b)   DTL
    c)   Total Deposits
    d)   CASA

    7).LAF is the system used by RBI to_______.
    a)   To adjust money supply in the short term money market using the tools CRR, SLR and short term lending by REPO
    b)   To use the tools CRR and SLR
    c)   To provide short term money lending
    d)   None of these

    8).RRB is owned by ______.
    a)   Central Govt
    b)   State Govt
    c)   RBI
    d)   Jointly owned by the concerned sponsoring Bank, concerned State Govt and Central Govt

    9).What is the present CRR rate ________.
    a)   4.5%
    b)   4%
    c)   5%
    d)   5.5%

    10).For the purpose of arriving at NDTL of a Bank the following are taken into account __________.
    a)   Only Savings Account Balances
    b)   Savings and current account balances and the fixed/term deposits held by the Banks
    c)   Saving account, Current account balances, Fixed deposits and float funds available on the relevant date
    d)   None of these

    1). b)   2). a)   3). b)   4). d)   5). c)   6). a)   7). a)   8). d)   9). b)   10). c)
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