Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Important Computer Questions with answers Set-7

    Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Important Computer Questions
    Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Important Computer Questions Set-7:
    Dear Readers, Important Computer Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1). Magnifier button is available on
    a)   Print Preview toolbar
    b)   Standard toolbar
    c)   Formatting toolbar
    d)   Both on a arid c
    e)   None of the above
    2). How many type of database objects are there in MS-Access ?
    a)   5
    b)   6
    c)   7
    d)   8
    e)   None of these
    3). Why we use the input mask in MS-Access?
    a)   For formatting of text
    b)   For alignment of text
    c)   For formatting of numbers
    d)   Ole
    e)   None of these
    4). Name an advanced language with which you can create new report and screens
    a)   VATL
    b)   TDL
    c)   DLR
    d)   Any of the above
    e)   None of the above
    5). Name the accounts related with intangible and invisible things which do not have a specified shape
    a)   Personal Accounts
    b)   Nominal Accounts
    c)   Real Accounts
    d)   Any of the above
    e)   None of the above
    6). We often use ____________ for World Wide Web.
    a)   Network
    b)   Server
    c)   Web
    d)   E-Resources
    e)   None of these
    7). Which of the following is not a network device
    a)   Router
    b)   Switch
    c)   Modem
    d)   Bridge
    e)   None of these
    8). The communication protocol used by internet is:
    a)   HTTP
    b)   WWW
    c)   TCO/IP
    d)   All of the above
    e)   None of these
    9). The first page that you normally view at a Web site is its:
    a)   Home page
    b)   Master page
    c)   First page
    d)   Banner page
    e)   None of these
    10). Which is the most important part of an operating system.
    a)   Shell
    b)   Kemel
    c)   Device drivers
    d)   Extra services
    e)   None of these
    1).a)   2).c)   3).c)   4).c)   5).b)   6).c)   7).c)   8).c)   9).a)   10).b)  
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