Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Practice Aptitude Questions (Arithmetic) with Solutions Set-32

Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Practice Aptitude Questions (Arithmetic) with Solutions Set-32
Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Practice Aptitude Questions (Arithmetic) with Solutions Set-32:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Aptitude Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Exam was given here with solutions. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

 1).A sum of five consecutive even numbers of set-A is 220. What is the sum of a different set of five consecutive odd numbers whose second lowest number is 17 less than the lowest of set-A?
a)   123
b)   125
c)   135
d)   143
e)   None of these

2).The total area of a circle and a square is 5450 cm2. The diameter of the circle is 70 cm. What is the difference between the circumference of the circle and perimeter of the square?
a)   64 cm.
b)   68 cm.
c)   70 cm.  
d)   56 cm.
e)   None of these 

3).The radio between the speed of a train and a car is 16:15 respectively. A bus covers a distance of 480 km in 8 hours. The speed of the bus is three-fourth the speed of the train. What is the distance covered by car in 6 hours?
a)   450 km.  
b)   480 km.
c)   360 km.
d)   Cannot be determined
e)   None of these

4).The sum of five consecutive even numbers is 300. What is the sum of second largest number and square of the middle number?
a)   3568  
b)   3658
c)   3662
d)   3654
e)   None of these

5).In an examination, Ritesh got 54 percent marks, Shekhar got 68 percent marks and Rinku got 74 percent marks. The maximum marks in the examination is 850. What is the approximate average marks got by all the three boys?
a)   550 
b)   560
c)   545
d)   538
e)   555

6).If 6 men and 8 women can do a piece of work in 10 days and 26 men and  48 women can do the same in 2 days, the time taken by 15 men and 20 women to do the same type of work will be?
a)   5 days
b)   6 days
c)   8 days
d)   4 days
e)   None of these

7).Ram, Shyam and Mohan start racing around a circular field and complete a single round in 12.24 and 30 seconds respectively. In how much time will they meet again at the starting-point?
a)   60 seconds 
b)   240 seconds
c)   120 seconds
d)   180 seconds
e)   None of these

8).What total amount would Akash get at the end of three years if he invests an amount of Rs.18500 in a scheme which offers compound interest @ 5.5p.c.p.a for 3 years? (Two place of decimal)
a)   22523.26
b)   21723.46
c)   23143.26
d)   25416.56
e)   225242.44

9).In how many different ways can the letters of the word‘PRACTICE’be arranged?
a)   20080
b)   40320
c)    10080 
d)   20160
e)   None of these

10).A box contains 3 black and 4 red balls and another box contains 4 black and 5 red balls. One ball is to be drawn from either of the two boxes. What is the probability of drawing a black ball?
a)   36/126
b)   55/126
c)   65/126
d)   85/126

e)   None of these

1). b) 2). e) 3).a ) 4).c ) 5). e) 6). d) 7). c) 8). b) 9).d ) 10). b)


1).  Average of numbers of set-A=44
        Number of set A=40   42   44   46   48
        Sum of numbers of another set=21+23+25+27+29=125
Answer: ( b)

2).  r=35 cm.
          a=40 cm.
          Diff. =2×(22/7)×35-160
           =220-160=60 cm.
Answer: ( e)

3). Speed of bus=480/8=60 km. /hr.
         Speed of train=60×4/3=80 km. /hr.
         Speed of car= (80/16)×15=75 km. /hr.
         Distance covered by car=75×6=450 km.
Answer: ( a)

4). Numbers=56, 58, 60, 62, 64
         Req. value=62+3600=3662
Answer: ( c)

5). Average number= (459+578+629)/3 =1666/3=555 (app.)
Answer: ( e)

6). (6M+8W) 10= (26M+48W)2
         15M+20W⇒ 15M+10M⇒ 25M
         ?= (10×10)/25⇒4 days

Answer: ( d) 

8). A=P[1+(R/100)]t =18500[1+(55/100)3       
          =18500×(211/200)3 =Rs. 21723.46
Answer: (b)

9). Total number of ways= 8! / 2! =20160
Answer: (d)

10). Probability of choosing one black ball from first box= (3c1/7c1)×1/2=3/14
          Probability of choosing one black ball from second box is=1/2×(4c1/9c1)=2/9
          ∴ P (E) = (3/14) + (2/9)
           P (E) = (27+28)/126
           P (E) = 55/126
Answer: (b) 

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