Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Practice Reasoning Questions (Coding Decoding) with Explanations Set-20

Practice Reasoning Questions (Coding Decoding)
Race IBPS Clerk 2015- Practice Reasoning Questions (Coding Decoding) with Explanations Set-20:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Exam was given here with Explanations. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

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Directions(Q.1-4): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
            In the certain code language‘Ethane Ciera Doglous’is written as‘ma na ch’ ,‘Neo matriex Ethane’ is written as‘pa ka ma’,‘Doglous Ethane Neo’ is written as‘ch ma pa’ ,‘Ethane TomNeo’ is written as‘ma da pa’and‘Neo Tom Doglous’ is written as‘pada ch’.
1).What is the code for‘Matriex’ in that code language?
a)   ma
b)   pa
c)   ka
d)   Wither a) or b)
e)   None of these
2).What is the code for‘tom neo’ in that code language?
a)   Da ch
b)   Da pa
c)   Ch pa
d)   Can’t be determined
e)    None of these
3).What is the code for‘Ethane’ in that code language?
a)   pa  
b)   ch
c)   na
d)   ma
e)   None of these
4).What is the code for‘Ciera’ in that code language?
a)   ma  
b)   ch
c)   pa
d)   da
e)   None of these

Direcrion(Q.5-7): Read the following information carefully and give the answer of the given below
          Three terrorist messages were intercepted at a C. R. P. F. Head quarter. The message was decoded and it was found that‘missing letis zerox’,means‘secret attack Sunday’ and‘tycoon fox letis’ means‘secret plans included’ and‘yphen missing tigercage’ means.‘Sunday victory is ours’.
5).Which is the code for‘Sunday’?
a)   tiger 
b)   missing
c)   zerox
d)   letis
e)   None of these
6).What does‘letis’ stand for?
a)   plans
b)   secret
c)   attack
d)   Sunday
e)   None of these
7).What does the mean of code‘zerox’?
a)   secret 
b)   sunday
c)   attack
d)   plans
e)   None of these
8).In a certain code language.‘How can you go’ is written as‘ ja da ka pa’,‘can youcome here’is written as‘na ka sa ja’and‘come and go’ is written as‘ra pa sa’. How is‘can’ written in the code language?
a)   ja
b)   na
c)   pa
d)   Data inadequate
e)   None of these
9).In a certain codeWLDM is written as‘5@9#’ andMZNV is written as‘#6%3’. How isNLWVis written in that code?
a)   %653
b)   %@63
c)   %5@3  
d)   %@53
e)   None of these
10).In a certain codeGSIREVH is written asHRFSIWF.  How isHLFOUFOwritten in that code?

e)   None of these


1).c ) 2).b ) 3). d) 4).e ) 5). b) 6).b ) 7).c ) 8). d) 9).d ) 10).e )


1). ka
Answer: c)
2). da pa
Answer: b)
3). ma
Answer: d)
4). None of these
Answer: e)

5). missing
Answer: b)
6). secret
Answer: b)
7). attack
Answer: c)

8). Answer: b)
9). Answer: d)

10). Answer: e)
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