Railway Exam Economic

Railway Exam GK Quiz (Economics) Set-1:
Dear Readers, Here we have given GK Quiz from Economics Questions for Railway Exam 2016. Candidates those who are all preparing for these exams can use this material.

1).Meera seth committee was related to
a)  development of handlooms
b)  sex-differentiation in employment
c)  abolition of child labour
d)  welfare of working women
e)  None of these

2).Finance commission is appointed by the president under article
a)  256 of constitution
b)  280 of constitution
c)  293 of constitution
d)  356 of constitution
e)  None of these

3).National income estimates in India is prepared by
a)  planning commission
b)  RBI
c)  finance ministry
d)  C.S.O
e)  None of these

4).According to 2001 census the state having highest urban population is
a)  U.P
b)  Maharashtra
c)  Tamilnadu
d)  Kerala
e)  None of these

5).The Ex-office secretary of NDC is
a)  secretary of finance ministry
b)  general secretary of lok sabha
c)  secretary of planning commission
d)  vice-chairman of planning commission
e)  None of these

6).Who is the chairman of NDC?
a)  finance minister
b)  prime minister
c)  planning minister
d)  lok sabha speaker
e)  None of these

7).VAT is imposed
a)  directly on consumer
b)  on final  stage of production
c)  on first stage of production
d)  on all stages between production and final sale
e)  None of these

8).The base year of the present wholesale price index (WPI) is
a)  1993-94
b)  1971-72
c)  1980-81
d)  1981-82
e)  None of these

9).Chairman of tax perform committee was
a)  pranab mukherjee
b)  k.p narsimham
c)  s. janakiraman
d)  raja chelliah
e)  None of these

10).Mixed economy means
a)  co-existence of small and large industries
b)  promoting both agriculture and industries in the economy
c)  co-existence of public and private sectors
d)  co-existence of rich and poor
e)  None of these


1) a)  2) b)  3) d)  4) b)  5) c)  6) b)  7) d)  8) a)  9) d)  10) c)
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