Railway Exam GK Quiz (Indian Polity)

    Railway Exam GK Quiz (Indian Polity)
    Railway Exam GK Quiz (Indian Polity) Set-1:
    Dear Readers, Here we have given GK Quiz from Indian Polity for Railway Exam 2016. Candidates those who are all preparing for these exams can use this material.

    1).Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by
    a)  President
    b)  Speaker of the Lok Sabha
    c)  Chairman of the Planning Commission
    d)  Finance Minister

    2). Japan’s Parliament is known as
    a)  Diet
    b)  Dail
    c)  Yuan
    d)  Shora

    3).The Indian Parliament consists of
    a)  Lok Sabha
    b)  Lok Sabha and the President
    c)  Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
    d)  The President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

    4).The speaker’s vote in the Lok Sabha is called
    a)  Casting vote
    b)  Sound vote
    c)  Direct vote
    d)  Indirect vote

    5).Union Budget is always presented first in
    a)  The Lok Sabha
    b)  The Rajya Sabha
    c)  Joint Session of the Parliament
    d)  The State Assemblies

    6).The maximum strength of the Lok Sabha, as stipulated in the Constitution of India, is
    a)  500
    b)  525
    c)  550
    d)  552

    7).The Speaker of the Lok Sabha addresses his letter of resignation to the
    a)  Prime Minister of India
    b)  President of India
    c)  Vice President of India
    d)  Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

    8).Under the administration of which one of the following is department of Atomic Energy?
    a)  Prime Minister of India
    b)  Cabinet Secretary
    c)  Ministry of Power
    d)  Ministry of Science and Technology

    9).Which of the following countries have an unwritten Constitution?
    a)  USA
    b)  UK
    c)  India
    d)  Pakistan

    10).Which of the following is an extra constitutional body?
    a)  UPSC
    b)  Finance Commission
    c)  Election Commission
    d)  Planning Commission

    1). a)  2). a)  3). d)  4). a)  5). a)  6). d)  7). d)  8). a)  9). b)  10). d)
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