Railway Exam GK Quiz (Science – Biology)

    Railway Exam GK Quiz (Science - Biology)
    Railway Exam GK Quiz (Science – Biology) Set-6:
    Dear Readers, Here we have given GK Quiz from Science biology Questions for Railway Exam 2016. Candidates those who are all preparing for these exams can use this material.

    1).Which of the following is known as power house ?
    a)  Lysosome
    b)  Ribosome
    c)  Mitochondria
    d)  ProtopLASM

    2). Which of the following is not a mosquito borne disease ?
    a)  Dengue fever
    b)  Malaria
    c)  Sleeping sickness
    d)  Filariasis

    3).The concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ was first advocated by
    a)  Oparin
    b)  Darwin
    c)  Spencer
    d)  Haeckel

    4).Deficiency of vitamin D in children causes
    a)  Beri – beri
    b)  Pellogra
    c)  rickets
    d)  Scurvy

    5).In man, the normal number of chromosomes is
    a)  42
    b)  44
    c)  46
    d)  48

    6).Sour taste of Coca – Cola is due to the presence of
    a)  acetic acid
    b)  phosphoric acid
    c)  hydrochloric acid
    d)  formic acid

    7).Green house effect is caused by
    a)  nitrogen
    b)  carbon dioxide
    c)  carbon monoxide
    d)  nitrogen dioxide

    8).Which of the following is correctly matched ?
    a)  Goitre is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin D
    b)  Diabetes is caused due to deficiency of Insulin
    c)  Rickets is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin A
    d)  Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of Iodine

    9).Which of the following contain less carbohydrate ?
    a)  potato
    b)  Maize
    c)  Banana
    d)  Pea

    10).A person cannot see an object placed at a distance of less than 25 cm. The person suffers from
    a)  Astigmatism
    b)  Myopia
    c)  Longsightedness
    d)  None of the above

    1). c)  2). c)  3). b)  4). c)  5). c)  6). a)  7). b)  8). b)  9). b)  10). c)

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