Reasoning Questions (Puzzle) for AAO and upcoming Exams 2016

Reasoning Questions (Puzzle) for AAO and upcoming Exams 2016
Reasoning Questions (Puzzle) for AAO and upcoming Exams 2016 Set-62:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions for Upcoming AAO Exams was given here with Explanations. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

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Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions.
Five students Gautam, Jayant, Dheeraj, hittesh and Hardik each belonging to different cities vishakhapatanam, Mangalore, Jaipur. Surat and Udaipur, not necessarily in the same order appear in five different bank examinations among SBI, RBI, IDBI, NABARD and IBPS, each of which is held at a different test centre Mysore, Goa, Shimla, Nantial and Kochi not necessarily in that order. No student appears for more than one examination. The student who appears in the exam of NABARD bank at mysore is neither from surat nor from Udaipur. Hardik and Gautam appear in RBI and IBPS exam respectively. The student whose test centre is a Goa, neither appears in SBI nor in IBPS exam and is not from jaipur.
Jayant, who appears in SBI exam is from Mangalore and his test centre is not Shimla. Hitesh is neither from jaipur nor from is Udaipur and appears for neither NABARD nor IBPS exam IDBI bank exam is held at Kochi. Dheeraj is from Vishakhapatanam.

1).Which among the following is the test centre for SBI exam?
a)  Goa
b)  Nainital
c)  Shimla
d)  Goa or shimla
e)  Nainital or shimla

2).If by mistake the student from surat and Dheeraj reach each others test centres, then which exam does the student from surat appear for?
b)  RBI
c)  IBPS
d)  SBI
e)  IDBI

3).Which of the following students is from Udaipur?
a)  Gautam
b)  jayant
c)  hardik
d)  gautam or hardik
e)  jayant or hardik

4).Which of the following statement must be true?
a)  gautam belongs to jaipur
b)  Hitesh writes SBI examination
c)  The test centre for the IBPS examination is goa
d)  the person whose test centre is mysore is hardik
e)  The student who appears in kochi belongs to vishakhapatanam

5).Which of the following is the correct order of the students, the city he belongs to, name of the exam and test centre allotted to each respectively?
a)  dheeraj, vishakhapatanam, IDBI, kochi
b)  hardik, mangalore, RBI, goa
c)  Hitesh, surat, SBI, mysore
d)  gautam, jaipur, IBPS, shimla
e)  more than one of the above

Directions (Q. 6-9): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:
Eight friends P, Q, R, S, T, V, W and Y are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit at four corners of the square while four sit in the middle of each of the four sides. The ones who sit at the four corners face centre while those who sit in the middle of the sides face outside.
P, who faces the centre, sits third to the right of V, T, who faces the centre, is not an immediate neighbours of V. only one person sits between V and W. S sits second to right of Q. Q faces the centre. R is not an immediate neighbours of P.

6).Who sits second to the left of Q?
a)  V
b)  P
c)  T
d)  Y
e)  cannot be determined

7).What is the position of T with respect to V?
a)  fourth to the left
b)  second to the left
c)  third to the left
d)  third to the right
e)  second to the right

8).Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
a)  R
b)  W
c)  V
d)  S
e)  Y

9).Which of the following is true regarding R?
a)  R is an immediate neighbor of V
b)  R faces the centre
c)  R sits exactly between T and S
d)  Q sits third to left of R
e)  None

1) b)  2) a)  3) c)  4) a)  5) d)  6) b)  7) c)  8) d) 9) c)

Question (1-5):
1. Answer: b)

2. Answer: a)

3. Answer: c)

4. Answer: a)

5. Answer: d)

Question (6-9):

6. Answer: b)

7. Answer: c)

8. Answer: d)

9. Answer: c)
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