Reasoning Questions (Seating Arrangement) for IBPS Clerk Mains

Reasoning Questions (Seating Arrangement) for IBPS Clerk Mains
Reasoning Questions (Seating Arrangement) for IBPS Clerk Mains:
Dear Readers, Important Practice Reasoning Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk V Mains Exam was given here with Explanations. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

Directions (Q.1-7): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
There are eight friends, namely Avinash, Bipin, Chandu, Dinesh, Farhan, Hiten, Gopal and Emran. All of them own a different 4 – wheeler, namely Skoda, Optra, Swift, Lancer, Pajero, Indigo, Santro and Nissan, though not necessarily in the same order. All of them are sitting around a circular table facing the centre.

·     Emran is not a neighbor of Bipin while Hiten owns neither Santro nor Nissan. There is only one person between Avinash and Dinesh.

·         Chandu, who owns Indigo, is third to the left of the one who owns Swift. The one who is sitting opposite the one who has Optra owns Nissan.

·         Neither Avinash nor Dinesh has Swift. There are two persons between Farhan and Gopal, who own Optra and Pajero respectively, but neither of those two persons is Chandu.

·         Avinash is second to the left of Farhan and owns Lancer. Bipin is an immediate neighbor of Gopal.

1). Who among the following owns Santro?
a)    Emran
b)    Hiten
c)    Gopal
d)    Dinesh
e)    Can’t be determined

2). How many persons are there between Chandu and Gopal?
a)    Four
b)    Two
c)    Three
d)    One
e)    None of these

3). Which of the following 4 – wheelers is owned by Dinesh?
a)    Santro
b)    Nissan
c)    Skoda
d)    Pajero
e)    None of these

4). Who is sitting third to the right of the person possessing Skoda?
a)    Avinash
b)    Emran
c)    Bipin
d)    Dinesh
e)    Gopal

5). Which of the following is not true about Hiten?
a)    He is sitting opposite the person who owns Santro.
b)    He is sitting  exactly between Farhan and Bipin
c)    He own Skoda.
d)    None is true
e)    All are true

6). Avinash is related to Swift in a certain way and Gopal is related to Indigo in the same way. Then which of the following is Emraan related to following the same way?
a)    Nissan
b)    Lancer
c)    Optra
d)    Skoda
e)    Can’t be determined

7). Starting from Avinash, if all the eight persons are allowed to sit alphabetically in clockwise direction, the position of how many of them will remain unchanged (excluding Avinash)?
a)    Three
b)    Four
c)    Two
d)    One
e)    None of these

Directions (Q.8-12): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
Twelve girl students L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting in a row facing east. Q is third to the right of M and T is sitting near L. Six girl students are sitting between W and O. R is fourth to the right of O and S is fifth to the left of P, who is eight to the right of W. L is sitting on sixth place from the right end. U is not near to R and S. V is sitting on the fourth place to the left of L.

8). Who is the two girl students sitting at the two ends?
a)    W and N
b)    W and R
c)    V and O
d)    O and Q
e)    None of these

9). Find out the names of two girl students sitting near to Q.
a)    T and V
b)    N and S
c)    V and U
d)    S and T
e)    None of these

10). Who is sitting at fifth to the left of U?
a)    Q
b)    S
c)    T
d)    R
e)    None of these

11). Who is second to right of L?
a)    S
b)    P
c)    U
d)    V
e)    None of these

12). Which of the following statement/s is/are true?
a)    More than one statement is true.
b)    There are six girl students sitting between N and Q.
c)    U is second to the right of O.
d)    M is sitting at fourth place to the right of T.
e)    W and N are sitting at two ends.

1). a) 2). c) 3). b) 4). d) 5). e) 6). d) 7). e) 8). b) 9). d) 10). a)  11).b)  12).c)


Questions (1-7):

1. Answer: a
2. Answer: c
3. Answer: b
4. Answer: d
5. Answer: e
6. Answer: d
7. Answer: e

Questions (8-12):

8. Answer: b)
9. Answer: d)
10. Answer: a)
11. Answer: b)
12. Answer: c)
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