RRB ALP 2018 Practice Test Papers | General Science (Day-7)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important RRB ALP & Technicians Exam 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates those who are preparing for RRB ALP 2018 can practice these questions to get more confidence to Crack RRB 2018 Examination.

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1). What is the SI unit of Temperature?

  1. Celsius
  2. Fahrenheit
  3. Kelvin
  4. Mole

2). Who wrote the Book “Principia”?

  1. Newton
  2. Galileo
  3. Keplar
  4. Heinrich

3). Which of the following acid used as Flavoring agent and Food preservative?

  1. Citric acid
  2. Acetic Acid
  3. Ascorbic acid
  4. Tartaric Acid

4). Cobalt is the metal of which of the following ore?

  1. Milarite
  2. Carnetite
  3. Magnite
  4. Smelite

5). Study of ageing is known as

  1. Genetic Engineering
  2. Gerontology
  3. Histology
  4. Osmosis

6). What is the scientific name of dog?

  1. RanaTigrina
  2. Canisfamilaris
  3. Felisdomestica
  4. Bosindicus

7). Division of Nucleus During cell divisions is called ___________

  1. Karyokinesis
  2. Cytokinesis
  3. Diploid
  4. Haploid

8). What is the edible part of Coconut?

  1. Mesocarp
  2. Aril
  3. Cotyledons
  4. Endosperm

9). Which instrument is used to measure the power of an electric circuit?

  1. Viscometer
  2. Voltmeter
  3. Wattmeter
  4. Wavemeter

10). Who is the inventor of Antigen?

  1. Banting
  2. Iwanyaan
  3. karl Landsteiner
  4. James Watson


1). Answer: C

The Kelvin scale is an absolute thermodynamic temperature scale using as its null point absolute zero, the temperature at which all thermal motion ceases in the classical description of thermodynamics. The kelvin (symbol: K) is the base unit of temperature in the International System of Units (SI).

2). Answer: A

PhilosophiæNaturalis Principia Mathematica (Latin for Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy), often referred to as simply the Principia, is a work in three books by Isaac Newton, in Latin

3). Answer: B

Acetic acid, systematically named ethanoic acid, is a colourless liquid organic compound with the chemical formula CH₃COOH. When undiluted, it is sometimes called glacial acetic acid.

4). Answer: D

Cobalt is a chemical element with symbol Co and atomic number 27.

5). Answer: B

Gerontology is the study of the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of ageing.

6). Answer: B

The domestic dog is a member of the genus Canis (canines), which forms part of the wolf-like.

7). Answer:  A

The process of change that takes place during the division of a cell nucleus at mitosis

8). Answer: D

As development continues, cellular layers of endosperm deposit along the walls of the coconut, becoming the edible coconut “flesh”.

9). Answer: C

Wattmeter is an instrument which is used to measure electric power in the circuit.

10). Answer: C

Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulin, are proteins in the blood that are created by B

Cells in response to proteins called antigens.

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