RRB Practice Questions | General Intelligence and Reasoning – Day-12

Dear Aspirants,

As we know General Intelligence and Reasoning occupies a special part on every competitive exam. RRB General Intelligence and Reasoning section will be Multiple choice questions you have to pick the best answer from the given list.

Mostly this kind of questions will be asked in every competitive exam to analyze the logical thinking of an applicant. So the questions of RRB General Intelligence and Reasoning will be quite tricky. Need attention on this section. Also take regular practice. Here our team will be providing General Intelligence and Reasoning questions for RRB exam on daily basis. Start your practice, analyze your standard and reveal the answer here.

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DIRECTIONS(1-10) : Three of the following are similar in a way. Find the odd one out


a) 12167

b) 5832

c) 6857

d) 9261


a) qsv

b) xzd

c) hjm

d) fhk


a) Bombay

b) Chennai

c) Kolkata

d) Jaipur


a) uwya

b) prtv

c) fhjm

d) gikm


a) Analysis

b) Conclusion

c) Investigation

d) Search


a) Gupta dynasty

b) Maurya dynasty

c) Nanda dynasty

d) Chola dynasty


a) 22d

b) 56f

c) 32e

d) 85m


a) Mercury

b) Cesium

c) Chromium

d) Gallium


a) idea – notion

b) affirm – deny

c) aid – hinder

d) cause – effect


a) Flute

b) Saxophone

c) Trumpet

d) Violin

Answers :

1) Answer: c)

Except c) all other  are cubes of some number.

2) Answer: b)

All other options have a gap of 1 – 2. But option b has 1 – 3.

3) Answer: d)

Jaipur is not a metropolitan city

4) Answer: c)

They all have alphabetical gap of 1 – 1 – 1 except  c)

5) Answer: b)

Conclusion is the final stage of analysis, investigation and search

6) Answer: d)

All  belong to Northern rulers except d).Cholas were southern rulers

7) Answer: b)

The letter denotes the alphabetical order of the corresponding sum of the digits

22d  -> 2+2 = 4, 4th letter in the alphabetical series  is ‘d’.

56f ->  5+6 = 11 but 11th letter in alphabetical series is ‘k’

8) Answer: c)

Chromium is not a liquid metal and the rest are liquid metals.

9) Answer: a)

All other are Word : Antonym pair except a)

10) Answer: d)

Violin is a string instrument whereas others are wind instruments.

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