RRB Practice Questions | General Intelligence and Reasoning – Day-13

Dear Aspirants,

As we know General Intelligence and Reasoning occupies a special part on every competitive exam. RRB General Intelligence and Reasoning section will be Multiple choice questions you have to pick the best answer from the given list.

Mostly this kind of questions will be asked in every competitive exam to analyze the logical thinking of an applicant. So the questions of RRB General Intelligence and Reasoning will be quite tricky. Need attention on this section. Also take regular practice. Here our team will be providing General Intelligence and Reasoning questions for RRB exam on daily basis. Start your practice, analyze your standard and reveal the answer here.

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DIRECTION (1 – 5):

In the following questions, three classes are given. Out of the five figures that follow, you are to indicate which figure will best represent the relationship amongst the three classes

1) Bangalore, Mysore, Karnataka

2) Professor, writer, athlete

3) State, President, Governor

4) Plasma, thermometer, blood

5) Chairs, wood, steel


In the following figure, the rectangle, square, triangle and circle represents boys who like science, maths, economics and history respectively. On the basis of these numbers answer the following questions.

6) How many boys like all the subjects?

a) 8

b) 3

c) 12

d) 9

7) How many boys like only history?

a) 23

b) 34

c) 28

d) 1

8) Number of boys who like bothscience and history is

a) 15

b) 9

c) 23

d) 46

9) What is thetotal number of boys who like maths and economics and nothing else?              

a) 7

b) 9

c) 12

d) 4

10) What is the total number of boys who like economics along with either history or maths and nothing else?

a) 15

b) 9

c) 12

d) 21

Answers :

1) Answer: a)

Bangalore and Mysore are cities in the state of Karnataka.

2) Answer: a)        

Some professors can be athletes and also writer. Some writers can be athletes as well as professors. So all are interconnected.

3) Answer: b)

A state is under the control of Governor but President is above all states and Governors

4) Answer: d)

Plasma is a component present on blood, whereas thermometer is different

5) Answer: c)

Chairs can be made out of wood and steel but there is no relation between steel and wood

6) Answer: c)

7) Answer: a)

Boys who like only history = 11 + 12 = 23

8)Answer: a)         

Number of boys who like science and history is 1+9+2+3 = 15

9) Answer: d)

The total number of boys who like maths and economics and nothing else is only 4.

10) Answer: b)

the total number of boys who like economics along with either history or maths = 5+4 =9 boys

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