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SBI Clerk Study Plan 2019 : 40 Days Useful SBI Clerk Prelims Study Plan

SBI Clerk 40 Days Study Plan 2019:

Dear Aspirants, the unexpected and most awaited notification of SBI Clerk – 2019 has been released by the State Bank of India recently. This is one of the major and important recruitment in the banking industry. It is a great prospect for those who are dreaming to become a banker. Many of the aspirants were struggling to find from where to start? Here IBPSGUIDE Team has given the Useful 40 Days Study Plan for SBI Clerk Prelims 2019.

Follow our study plan and crack the SBI Clerk Prelims in the first attempt. This study planner is purposely designed for that and it covers topics of all sections. Once you have done the preparation as per our study plan, sure you will clear the exam. Attempt the mock tests to identify your performance. Candidates those who are very serious about the exam can follow this Study Plan and Clear the prelims in an easy way. Make use of this study plan in a better way to accomplish your objective. All the best for all aspirants and make use of it.

SBI Clerk Prelims 2019 – Exam Pattern:

Name of Subject

Number of questionsMaximum MarksTiming
English Language303020 Minutes
Reasoning Ability353520 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude353520 Minutes
Total10010060 Minutes

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Useful 40 Days Study Plan for SBI Clerk Prelims 2019:

DaysReasoning AbilityQuantitative AptitudeEnglish Language

(Learn 10 new words from Daily Editorial)

Day – 01SyllogismSimplificationCloze Test – Old pattern (Story based)
Day – 02Direction SenseApproximationCloze Test – Old pattern

(Economic based)

Day – 03Attend mock test – 1  and English sectional test – 1
Day – 04Puzzles Days BasedMissing Number SeriesCloze Test – New pattern
Day – 05Puzzles Month BasedWrong Number seriesUsage of words
Day – 06Attend mock test – 2  and Quants sectional test  – 1
Day – 07Weekly Revision – 1

Attend mock test – 3  and Reasoning sectional test  – 1

Day – 08Coding and Decoding



(Quantity based)

Column I and Column II
Day – 09InequalityData SufficiencySentence Completion
Day – 10Attend mock test – 4  and English sectional test  – 2
Day – 11Input and OutputData Interpretation

(Table based)

Reading Comprehension – Old pattern
Day – 12Order and RankingData Interpretation

(Line Graph)

Reading Comprehension – New pattern
Day – 13Attend mock test – 5  and Quants sectional test – 2
Day – 14Weekly Revision – 2

Attend mock test – 6  and Reasoning sectional test  – 2

Day – 15Numerical SeriesData Interpretation

(Bar Graph)

Jumbled sentence (Old pattern)
Day – 16 Alphanumerical SeriesData Interpretation

(Pie – Chart)

Jumbled sentence within the sentence
Day – 17Attend mock test – 7  and English sectional test  – 3
Day – 18Alphabet SeriesCaselet and Missing DIPhrase replacement (Old pattern)
Day – 19MiscellaneousSimple Interest and Compound InterestPhrase replacement (new Pattern)
Day – 20Attend mock test – 8  and Quants sectional test  – 3
Day – 21Weekly Revision – 3

Attend mock test – 9  and Reasoning sectional test  – 3

Day – 22Puzzles Year BasedProfit and LossFill in the blanks
Day – 23Puzzles Floor BasedPartnership and PercentageSingle fillers
Day – 24Attend mock test – 10  and English sectional test  – 4
Day – 25Seating Arrangement

(Circle Based)

Average and Problem on agesDouble fillers
Day – 26Seating Arrangement

(Square Based)

Time and Work and Pipes and CisternsTriple fillers
Day – 27Attend mock test – 11  and Quants sectional test  – 4
Day – 28Weekly Revision – 4

Attend mock test – 12  and Reasoning sectional test  – 4

Day – 29Seating Arrangement

(Linear Based with parallel row)

Time, speed and Distance and Boats and StreamsError spotting (Old Pattern)
Day – 30Seating Arrangement

(Linear Based with one row)

ProbabilityError spotting (New pattern)
Day – 31Attend mock test – 13  and English sectional test  – 5
Day – 32Puzzles Box BasedPermutation and CombinationSentence Correction
Day – 33Data Sufficiency and Miscellaneous TopicsMensurationSentence Improvement
Day – 34Attend mock test – 14  and Quants sectional test  – 5
Day – 35Weekly Revision – 5

Attend mock test – 15  and Reasoning sectional test  – 5

Day – 36Attend mock test – 16
Day – 37Attend mock test – 17 
Day – 38Attend mock test – 18
Day – 39Attend mock test – 19
Day – 40 Attend mock test – 20


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