SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 – Sectional Practice Test-19

    SBI Clerk Prelims 2016- Sectional Practice Test-19:

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    Dear Readers, Here we have provide the sectional practice test for SBI Clerk Prelims 2016 which consist of questions from all the three section, candidates those who are preparing for the exam can make use of it.

    Directions (1 – 5): Study the given Information given below and answer the following questions:
    In a family of six persons, there are people from three generations. Each person has separate profession and also they like different colours. There are two couples in the family.
    ·       Rohan is a CA and his wife neither is a doctor nor likes green colour.
    ·       Engineer likes red colour and his wife is a teacher.
    ·       Mohini is mother-in-law of Sunita and she likes orange colour.
    ·       Vinod is grandfather of Tanmay and Tanmay, who is a principal, likes black colour.
    ·       Nanu is grand-daughter of Mohini and she likes blue colour. Nanu’s mother likes white colour.

    1).What is the colour liked by the doctor?
    a)  Orange
    b)  Blue
    c)  Black
    d)  Can’t be determined
    e)  None of the above
    2).What is the profession of the person who likes Black?
    a)  Principal
    b)  CA
    c)  Teacher
    d)  Engineering
    e)  Doctor
    3).What is the profession of Sunita?
    a)  Doctor
    b)  Teacher
    c)  Lawyer
    d)  Data Inadequate
    e)  None of the above
    4).How Rohan related to Mohini?
    a)  Son
    b)  Grand-Son
    c)  Nephew
    d)  Can’t be determined
    e)  None of the above
    5).What is the colour likes by Rohan?
    a)  Red
    b)  Blue
    c)  Green
    d)  Black
    e)  Orange

    Directions (6 – 10): In each of the following questions two equations has given solve them and give answer:
    a)  If p< q
    b)  If p> q
    c)  If p ≤ q
    d)  If p ≥ q
    e)  If p = q or relationship can’t be determined

    I.6p2 – 7p + 2 = 0
    II.12q2 – 6 = 0 (p> q)

    I.2p2 – 22p + 56 = 0
    II.q2 +12q + 35 = 0 (p> q)

    I.p2 – 6p + 5 = 0
    II.q2 – 7q + 12 = 0

    I.(169)1/2p +√289=134
    II.(361)1/2q2– 270=1269

    I.p2-14p +49=0
    Directions (11 to 15): Each question below has two blanks, each blanks indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blanks that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

    11).With heavy rains causing _______ in Chennai, HDFC has decided to ________ off any penalty on its home loan customers impacted by the rains for any delay in EMI payments for last month.
    a)  Catastrophe, see
    b)  Calamity, lay
    c)  Flood, put
    d)  Havoc, waive
    e)  Disorder, take
    12).The Himachal Pradesh High Court has dismissed a ______ of Petitions filed against setting up of mobile towers on health grounds saying there is no ________ to suggest that emissions from mobile towers constitute a health hazard.
    a)  Group, significant
    b)  Clutch, evidence
    c)  Set, witness
    d)  Bunch, contradiction
    e)  Number, mark
    13).California was one of the first states to _______ such a system in the 1980s after the first alarms were _______ about deteriorating air qualify in Los Angeles.
    a)  Implement, raised
    b)  Apply, rang
    c)  Launch, constructed
    d)  Start, sounded
    e)  Begin, tuned
    14).The debate on whether India should _______ bilateral cricket ties with Pakistan has gathered ______ again.
    a)  Continue, discussion
    b)  Abrogate, significance
    c)  Resume, steam
    d)  Vitiate, energy
    e)  Schedule, potency
    15).The central bank’s concern over the external environment is valid, as is its _______ to allow a gentle _________ of the rupee and shut out volatility.
    a)  Appetite, backup
    b)  Inclination, depreciation
    c)  Preference, push
    d)  Susceptibility, pull
    e)  Impulse, reduction

    1).b   2).a   3).d   4).a   5).c    6).b   7).b   8).e   9).d 10).e 11).d   12).b   13).a   14).c   15).b 
    (1 – 5): According to the given information
    Vinod and Mohini are one pair belongs to first generation and Rohan and Sunita are one pair belongs to second generation and Tanmay and Nanu belongs to Third generation.
    1). b)
    2). a)
    3). d)
    4). e)
    5). c)
    6). b)p = 3/2, 2 and q = ½ so p> q
    7). b)
    8). e)p = 5, 1 and q = 4, 3 so relationship can’t be determined
    9). d)p = 9 and q = ± 9 so p ≥ q

    10). e)p = 7 and q = 14, -4 relationship can’t be determined

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