SBI PO 2016- Important Marketing Questions

    SBI PO 2016- Important Marketing Questions Set-2:
    Dear Readers, here we have given the list of important marketing questions for upcoming SBI PO exam 2016, candidates those who are preparing for the exam can make use of it.

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    1).What is the “USP” in a savings account?
    a)  High rate of interest
    b)  Easy to operate
    c)  Risky transactions
    d)  Cost by goods
    e)  Banking systems

    2).Bank marketing is same as _______.
    a)  Transaction marketing
    b)  Service marketing
    c)  Indoor marketing
    d)  All of these
    e)  None of these

    3).A good seller should have the following quality/qualities?
    a)  Devotion to the work
    b)  Submissive
    c)  Sympathy
    d)  All of the above
    e)  None of these

    4).A lead means ________.
    a)  A prospect who is more likely to avail of the bank’s product
    b)  A political leader
    c)  A religious leader
    d)  A bank’s Chairman
    e)  None of the above

    5).Market research is needed for _______.
    a)  Deciding the market area
    b)  Deciding the right product to be sold
    c)  Making proper marketing decisions
    d)  Deciding right time to sell
    e)  All of the above

    6).Leads can be provided by _______.
    a)  Friends and relatives
    b)  Websites
    c)  Directories
    d)  Colleagues
    e)  All of these

    7).The demand curve facing the pure monopolist is _______.
    a)  Positively sloped
    b)  Negatively sloped
    c)  Horizontal
    d)  All of these
    e)  None of these

    8).TAC means_______.
    a)  Total Average Cost
    b)  Tax At Cost
    c)  Total All Cost
    d)  Total Apply Centre
    e)  None of these

    9).A brand is a _______.
    a)  Symbol or a name
    b)  Cost
    c)  Service
    d)  Liability and research
    e)  None of these

    10).Product planning involves _______.
    a)  Product testing
    b)  Engineering and research and development
    c)  Wage
    d)  Salary
    e)  Both a) and b)

    1) a.  2) d.  3) d. 4) a.  5) e.  6) e.  7) b. 8) a.  9) a. 10) e.

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