SBI PO 2016- Important Marketing Questions

    SBI PO 2016- Important Marketing Questions Set-1:
    Dear Readers, here we have given the list of important marketing questions for upcoming SBI PO exam 2016, candidates those who are preparing for the exam can make use of it.

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    1).Optimum result in marketing is possible through ______
    a)  Increase production
    b)  More number of products
    c)  More sales persons
    d)  Motivated staff
    e)  More ATMs

    2).Indirect marketing means ______
    a)  Marketing by non-sales persons
    b)  Market survey
    c)  Market research
    d)  Advertisements
    e)  All of the above

    3).One of the following is target group for the marketing of educational loans.
    a)  All the customers
    b)  Students
    c)  Only poor students
    d)  Students having promising educational track record
    e)  All of the above

    4).Internet banking means _______.
    a)  Meeting of banks on the net
    b)  Net practice
    c)  Banking transactions through internet
    d)  Transactions with foreign countries
    e)  All of the above

    5).Good selling skill calls for ______.
    a)  Patience
    b)  Perseverance
    c)  Persuasion
    d)  Pursuit
    e)  All of these

    6).When goods in the domestic market are sold at a high price and in the foreign market at a low price, it is a situation of ______.
    a)  Dumping
    b)  Perfect competition
    c)  Oligopoly
    d)  Duopoly
    e)  All of these

    7).Market expansion means _______.
    a)  Hiring more staff
    b)  Firing more staff
    c)  Buying more products
    d)  Buying more companies
    e)  None of these

    8).MRO stands for _______.
    a)  More Rate Over
    b)  Maintance Repair and Operating
    c)  Money Rate Over
    d)  All of the above
    e)  None of these

    9).Which is a part of green marketing?
    a)  Waste management
    b)  Re-using
    c)  Reducing
    d)  Re-cycling
    e)  All of these

    10).Global marketing is a result of ________.
    a)  Domestic changes
    b)  Globalization
    c)  Privatization
    d)  Socialization
    e)  Liberalization

    1) c.  2) d.  3) b. 4) c.  5) e.  6) a.  7) e. 8) b.  9) e. 10) b.
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