SBI PO Exam 2015- Descriptive Essay Writing on the topic: Should Students Take Part in Politics?

    SBI PO Exam 2015- Descriptive Essay Writing on the topic
    SBI PO Exam 2015- Descriptive Essay Writing on the topic: Should Students Take Part in Politics?
    Model Descriptive- Essay writing on the topic of Should Students Take Part in Politics was given here. Candidates those who are preparing for SBI PO Exam 2015 can use this material.

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    Should Students Take Part in Politics?

       The committee on petitions of the Lok Sabha, a few years ago recommended that the voting age must be reduced to 18 so that students would have active participation in politics and consequently in the national activities. But this issue has been under discussion and subjected to debates and seminars for a long time by pointing out that in some democratic countries including USA the age of franchise has been lowered on the ground that a person becomes major under the law for many purposes at the age of 11. It is true that the responsibility for exercising the franchise is not more onerous than that arising under civil or criminal laws.

     In spite of these apparently valid arguments in favor of allowing the students to have participation in politics, there is no doubt that such a move will be disastrous in the present condition in India. It will greatly demoralize higher education as the students of every university and college will be split into political parties. Even now the students are badly exploited by politicians and we hear of conference and rallies of students under the patronage of political parties. This has already produced chronic indiscipline in many universities and has led to closure of schools and college, disruption of studies and postponement of examinations resulting in lowering of educational standards, which are already unsatisfactory compared to other developed countries.

      The participation of students in politics does not merely mean the exercise of  the vote as in the case of government servants who are prevented from active participation in party politics, for the breach of which severe penalties up to dismissal can be imposed. No such penalties are possible to the students and the inevitable result will be organized and the students will be split into rival camps. This will be nothing short of a national disorder. Moreover, the chances of hot-blooded youth becoming involved in election campaigns and demonstrations will be greatly increased. So the participation of students in politics will do more harm than good.
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