SBI PO Exam 2015- Important General Awareness Questions Set-48

    Important General Awareness Questions Set-48
    SBI PO Exam 2015- Important General Awareness Questions Set-48:
    The List of Important Expected GK Questions for Upcoming Bank PO and Clerk Exams was given below. Candidates those who are preparing for the examinations can use these questions.

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    1).What is the name of the committee had observed that the regulator (RBI) should not be an owner of a bank (SBI) and this required the RBI to divest its holding in banks and financial institutions?
    a)   Wanchoo Committee
    b)   Narasimham Committee II
    c)   YV Reddy Committee
    d)   Gadgil Committee
    e)   Rakesh Mohan Committee I

    2).What is the expansion of FIIA? Which was originally conceptualized by the former NDA government and is set to get a new lease of life under PM Narendra Modi’s watch?
    a)   Foreign Investment Instrumentation Agency
    b)   Foreign Investment Implementation Authority
    c)   Foreign Investment Improvement Agency
    d)   Foreign Investment Initiation Agency
    e)   None of these

    3).Future Retail has announced to merge its retail venture with which retail groups to create one of the country’s largest retail entities in a Rs. 750-cr all-stock transaction?
    a)   Spencer’s Retail
    b)   Bharti Retail
    c)   Aditya Birla Retail
    d)   Reliance Retail
    e)   None of these

    4).As informed by the government in the Rajya Sabha, India ranks seventh in terms of number of reactors in operation globally. What is its position in generating electricity from nuclear source globally?
    a)   18th
    b)   16th
    c)   13th
    d)   11th
    e)   7th

    5).______________ is the first woman Chairperson of the State Bank of India (SBI)?
    a)   Usha Sangwan
    b)   Usha Ananthasubramanian
    c)   Arundhati Bhattacharya
    d)   Vijayalakshmi R lyre
    e)   Shubhalakshmi Panse

    6).Who among the following is the Indian statesman had been honored by the French government with the Officer de la Legion d’Honneur (Officer of the Legion of Honor), the highest French civilian distinction?
    a)   Jaswant Singh
    b)   Yashwant Sinha
    c)   Jairam Ramesh
    d)   Manmohan Singh
    e)   Jairam Ramesh

    7). Which of the following private sector banks in India announced its international foray by opening its first overseas representative office in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 27 April?
    a)   YES Bank
    b)   Lakshmi Vilas Bank
    c)   Kotak Mahindra Bank
    d)   Federal Bank
    e)   IndusInd Bank

    8).The government launched the logo for International Day of Yoga on 29 April 2015. As approved by the United Nations, the ‘International-Day of Yoga’ will be observed every year on_________.
    a)   14 September
    b)   15 May
    c)   23 September
    d)   14 July
    e)   21 June

    9).The government has recently allowed retirement fund body EPFO invest ________ of its corpus in exchange traded funds?
    a)   10 per cent
    b)   8 per cent
    c)   5 per cent
    d)   3 per cent
    e)   2 per cent

    10).Which among the following countries joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on 27 April as its 161st memory?
    a)   Fiji
    b)   Seychelles
    c)   Myanmar
    d)   Cuba
    e)   Maldives

    1). b)   2). b)   3). b)   4). c)   5). c)   6). b)   7). a)   8). e)   9). c)   10). b)

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