SBI PO Exam 2015- Important Marketing Questions- Set 15

    Important Marketing Questions- Set 15
    SBI PO Exam 2015- Important Marketing Questions- Set 15:             
    List of Important Marketing Questions for the SBI PO Exam were given below. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use these questions to score more marks.

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    1).Those entities whose failure can threaten the survival of other institutions, which in turn can possibly lead to a financial crisis, are known as__________.
    a)   Systemically Toxic Financial Institutions
    b)   Systemically Capricious Financial Institutions
    c)   Systemically Meaningful Financial Institutions
    d)   Systemically Important Financial Institutions

    2).Which of the following is the Tax-Saving Mutual Fund?
    a)   ELSS
    b)   Balance Fund
    c)   Gold Fund
    d)   Oil Fund

    3).Which among the following is very much important in the part of Marketing?
    a)   Customer Relationship
    b)   Making Profit
    c)   Advertising
    d)   Demand Management

    4).In business strategy development CRM stands for_________.
    a)   Credit Relations Manager
    b)   Customer’s Relative Manager
    c)   Customer Relationship Management
    d)   Channel Root Manager

    5).The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) is a_________.
    a)   Consultative Body
    b)   Advisory Body
    c)   Statutory Body
    d)   Non-Governmental Organization

    6).Shares of a closed-ended fund are trading at 5% premium over NAV. If NAV is Rs. 20,000 per share the market price of the share is_________.
    a)   Rs.2000
    b)   Rs. 2100
    c)   Rs.2300
    d)   Rs.1800

    7).Among the following which is known as the process of dividing the potential market into sub-markets with common needs?
    a)   Target Marketing
    b)   Segmentation
    c)   Positioning
    d)   Arrangements

    8).__________ is a social device for eliminating or reducing the loss of society from certain risk?
    a)   Bond
    b)   Discount
    c)   Premium
    d)   Insurance

    9).Which among the following the financial markets facilities issue of new securities?
    a)   Secondary Market
    b)   Primary Market
    c)   Spot Market
    d)   Forex Market

    10).Where will you find the Baseline, Headline and sub-headline in_________.
    a)   Verbal ad
    b)   Radio ad
    c)   Online ad
    d)   Print ad

    1). b)   2). a)   3). d)   4). d)   5). a)   6). b)   7). e)   8). e)   9). e)   10). c)

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