SBI PO Exam- Practice Reasoning Questions Set-18

    Practice Reasoning Questions Set-18
    SBI PO Exam- Practice Reasoning Questions Set-18:
    The List of Practice Reasoning Questions for Bank PO/Clerk and IBPS PO/Clerk Exams was given below. Candidates those who are preparing for the examinations can use these questions.

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        Direction (Questions.01-04): Study the following information and answer the questions that follow:
        The planet is warming, from North Pole to South Pole, and everywhere in between. Globally, the mercury is already up by more than 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius) or even more in sensitive Polar Regions. The effects of rising temperature are waiting for some far – flung future. They’re happening right now. Signs are appearing all over, and some of them are surprising. The extreme weather events, the historic drought conditions over large parts of the world, the fast melting of Greenland’s ice surface and the intensity of Hurricane Sandy are examples of the changes to global weather patterns that can be expected from an overall rise in Earth’s surface temperature.

    1).Which of the following would be theill effect(s) of the increasing global warming on the earth?
                i.       Increase in sea level on the earth
              ii.       Management forests will get submerged under water.
             iii.       Low–lying areas of the world would be under water.
             iv.       Floods and droughts would become more common.
    a)   Only I, II, III
    b)   Only I and II
    c)   Only I
    d)   Only I, III and IV
    e)   All of these

    2).Which of the following is/are the maincause of increasing global warming in the world?
    a)   Increasing pollution in the world
    b)   Increasing world population
    c)   Ozone layer depletion
    d)   Increasing deforestation in the world
    e)   Can’t be inferred from the passage

    3).Whatcourse(s) of action should people take to reduce global warming?
                i.       Increase afforestation in the world
              ii.       Increase the use of recyclable products rather than disposable products
             iii.       Less use of CFC-producing products
             iv.       Increase mining activities
    a)   Only III
    b)   Only I
    c)   Only I, II& III
    d)   Only I and II
    e)   Only II, III& IV

    4).Which of the followingconclusions can be drawn from the above passage?
    a)   Man-made reasons are responsible for ill-effect of global warming.
    b)   Extreme climatic condition on earth is the ill-effect of global warming.
    c)   The effects of global warming are very slow.
    d)   Developed countries of the world should contribute to reducing global warming in the world.
    e)   Global warming is a phenomenon which can’t be stopped

        Directions (Questions.05-06): Study the given information and answer the questions that follow.
        India is renowned as the land of tiger, elephant and many other wildlife creatures. But sadly, the equation that existed between people and wildlife centuries ago has vanished, and out protected areas, which comprise mere 4% of India’s landscape, are themselves in an alarming condition for the government

    5).Which of the following is themain threat to wildlife in India at present?
                                i.       Increasing number of illegal poaching of animals
                              ii.       Poor quality of forest administration
                             iii.       Reckless development in the forest area
                             iv.       Lack of political will
    a)   Only I and III
    b)   Only III
    c)   Only II
    d)   Only I
    e)   All of these

    6).Whatcourse(s) of action should the government take to promote wildlife conservation?
                                i.       Increase awareness for the protection of wildlife.
                              ii.       Provision of severe punishment for the poachers
                             iii.       Launch more wildlife conservation projects and programmes
                             iv.       More scientific research should be conducted.
    a)   Only I and IV
    b)   Only III
    c)   Only II
    d)   Only I and II
    e)   All of these

        Direction (Questions.07-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions.
        India’s financial woes are rapidly approaching a critical stage. The rupee has depreciated by 44% in the past two years and hit a record low against the US dollar in August 2013. The stock market is plunging, bond yield are very low and capital is flooding out of the country. There are ways of looking at India’s present economic woes marked by a rapid fall in the value of the rupee caused by persistent inflation of the past few years and the high current account deficit (CAD) of about $ 85 billion (4.5 per cent of GDP).

    7).Which of the following is/are themain causeof the economic crisis in India?
                i.       Heavy subsides
              ii.       Heavy taxation in corporate sectors
             iii.       Corruption
             iv.       Heavy expenditures of the government
    a)   Only II and III
    b)   Only II
    c)   Only I
    d)   Only II and III
    e)   Only I and IV

    8).Whatcourse(s) of action should government take to get out of the economic crisis?
                i.       The government should promote foreign investment.
              ii.       The government should cut down imports.
             iii.       The government should work to promote exports.
             iv.       The government should borrow money from the World Bank
    a)   Only II
    b)   Only I
    c)   Only III
    d)   Only I, II and III
    e)   All of these

    9).Which of the followingconclusions can be drawn from the above passage?
    a)   Continuous devaluation of dollar led to the economic crisis in India
    b)   The share of foreign shareholders is allowing the money to flow out of the country.
    c)   The excess supply of money in the Indian market is degrading the value of Indian rupee
    d)   Heavy imports by the government are increasing the economic woes of India.
    e)   None of these

    10).Which of the followingassumptions is/are implicit in the above statement?
                i.       Foreign investors are losing faith in the market.
              ii.       There is excess supply of commodities in the Indian market.
             iii.       Current account deficit of the country has increased.
             iv.       There is lack of effective communication between the government and the central bank of the country.
    a)   Only II
    b)   Only I and II
    c)   Only I
    d)   Only III
    e)   All of these

    1). d)   2). e)   3). c)   4). b)   5). e)   6). e)   7). e)   8). d)   9). d)   10). d)

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