SBI / UIIC 2016 – Important General Awareness Questions

    SBI Clerk 2016 - Important General Awareness Questions
    SBI / UIIC 2016 – Important General Awareness Questions Set-35:
    Dear Readers, Here we have given the list of important General Awareness Questions for Upcoming SBI Clerk Exam 2016, candidates those who are preparing for this exam can make use of it.

    1).International Jazz day is observed on which date?
    a)  30thApril
    b)  25thApril
    c)  1stMay
    d)  2ndMay
    e)  26thApril

    2).LED Bulb Ujawal Yojana inaugurated recently in which state?
    a)  Gujarat
    b)  Maharashtra
    c)  Madhya Pradesh
    d)  Meghalaya
    e)  Mizoram

    3).Which state wing of Indian Medical Association has parterned with UNICEF for improving maternal and child health?
    a)  Karnataka
    b)  Kerala
    c)  Tamil Nadu
    d)  Andhra Pradesh
    e)  Telangana

    4).How many Indians have been featured in the list of highest paid CEO’s?
    a)  2
    b)  3
    c)  4
    d)  5
    e)  6

    5).NABARD has partnered with which country for Food Security initiative?
    a)  Sweden
    b)  France
    c)  Germany
    d)  UAE
    e)  Canada

    6).Who among the following has recently resigned from Tata Steel Sports Department?
    a)  Ajit Bhatt
    b)  KP Gill
    c)  Sharat Saxena
    d)  Charles Borromeo
    e)  None of the above

    7).Sudha Singh is related to which sport?
    a)  Disc Throw
    b)  Archery
    c)  Badminton
    d)  Steeple Chase
    e)  Chess

    8).Which country declared state of emergency as protestors’ storm into Parliament?
    a)  Iran
    b)  Iraq
    c)  Pakistan
    d)  Indonesia
    e)  Bhutan

    9).ADMM plus Exercise has been counted in which country?
    a)  Brunei
    b)  Poland
    c)  Netherlands
    d)  Canada
    e)  Peru

    10).What is the India’s rank in exporting forge goods?
    a)  3
    b)  4
    c)  5
    d)  6
    e)  7


    1)a   2)c   3)b   4)b   5)c   6)d   7)d   8)b   9)a   10)c

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