Static GK Bits for LIC AAO

    Static GK Bits for LIC AAO Set-4
    Static GK Bits for LIC AAO Set-4:
    Dear Readers, Static GK Bits for Upcoming LIC AAO Exam was given here with answers. Aspirants those who are preparing for the examination can use this.

    1). The head office of the World Trade Organisation is located in ______.
    a)  Nepal                        
    b)  India
    c)  Japan                         
    d)  Australia
    e)  Switzerland
    Answer: e)
    2). Which of the following term is not associated with the game of Hockey?
    a)  Bouncer    
    b)  Bully
    c)  Short corner                
    d)  Goal
    e)  Penalty corner
    Answer: a)
    3). The dividing line between France and Germany is
    a)  Maginot Line
    b)  Older Neisse Line
    c)  Mannerheim Line
    d)  Siegfried Line
    e)  None of the above
    Answer: a)
    4). 38th Parallel is the boundary line between which countries?
    a)  Canada and USA
    b)  India and Pakistan
    c)  South Korea and North Korea
    d)  Australia and South Africa
    e)  North Vietnam and South Vietnam
    Answer: c)
    5). Bihu is the popular folk dance form of which state?
    a)  Nagaland
    b)  Mizoram
    c)  Assam
    d)  Goa
    e)  Haryana
    Answer: c)
    6). The popular folk dance form of Tripura is
    a)  Karma
    b)  KinnauriNati
    c)  Namgen
    d)  Hojagiri
    e)  None of the above
    Answer: d)
    7). ‘Madhubani’ a style of folk paintings, is popular in which of the following states in India?
    a)  Bihar      
    b)  Madhya Pradesh       
    c)  West Bengal    
    d)  Rajasthan
    e)  None of the above
    Answer: a)
    8). In which State is the religious festival Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated with gusto?
    a)  Rajasthan        
    b)  Maharashtra    
    c)  Gujarat  
    d)  Madhya Pradesh
    e)  Arunachal Pradesh
    Answer: b)
    9). What is the capital of Kuwait?
    a)  Kuwait City
    b)  Kabul
    c)  Sanaa
    d)  Tehran
    e)  None of the above
    Answer: a)
    10). Which of the following Asian Countries referred to as “Nippon”?
    a)  South Korea
    b)  Afghanistan
    c)  China
    d)  Japan
    e)  Malaysia
    Answer: d)

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