Effective Revision Kit for IBPS Clerk Mains-2017/18 | Final Days Practice Booster

Dear Aspirants, IBPS Clerks Mains Examination is getting very close, We hope that you all prepared well you the IBPS Clerks Main exam. The candidates those who are going to face the Main Examination, here are few tips from IBPS Guide. The Main Exam pattern was prescribed in the table given below. The clear pattern is drawn for the exam, reasoning part is tougher than all other parts so you need to pay special attention on it.

IBPS Clerk Main 2017-18 Examination Pattern

S. No Name of the Tests


No. of Questions Maximum Marks Time allotted for each test (Separately timed)
1 General / Financial Awareness 50 50 35 Minutes
2 General English 40 40 35 Minutes
3 Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude 50 60 45 Minutes
4 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 Minutes
Total 190 200 160 Minutes

We Team IG will provide Special Sectional Tests on Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability sections today late evening (17th Jan 2018). In addition to that we provide 10 Mock tests to validate your stability, to take mock test visit: estore.ibpsguide.com.

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Final Days Practising & Revision Materials IBPS Clerk Mains-2017/18

Days Forenoon Session Afternoon Session
Quantitative Aptitude Current Affairs Static GK / Banking Awareness Reasoning Ability English Language (Daily vocabulary for 10 words)
Day-1 Simplification, Wrong term in Number Series Sep 1-7 CMs and Governors / About RBI and its Responsibilities Coding and Decoding Errors in Articles and Preposition
Day-2 Average, Percentage and Partnership Sep 8-14 Country, Capital and Currency (1st half) / HQ of banks and Heads Blood Relationship Errors in Nouns and Pronouns
Day-3 Ratio and Problems based on Ages Sep 15-21 Country, Capital and Currency (2nd half) / Types of Cheques Direction sense Errors in Conjunction and Tenses
Day-4 Time & Work and Pipes & Cistern Sep 22-30 International Organisations and its HQ / Types of Accounts Syllogism Errors in If clauses and Relative Pronoun
Day-5 Time & Distance and Problems based on Trains Oct 1-Oct 7 National Parks (1st half) / Types of Cards Input and Output Errors in Adverb and Adjective
Day-6 Simple Interest and Compound Interest Oct 8-14 National Parks (2nd half) / About RRBs Decision Making Errors in Active/Passive voice
Day-7 Profit and Loss Oct 15-21 Important Days with themes(2017) / About Payments Banks and NPCI Course of Action Errors in Comparison
Day-8 Probability and Mixture & Allegation Oct 22-31 City and Rivers with Origin / About NBFCs and Small Fin Banks Statements and assumption Errors in Direct/Indirect speech
Day-9 Boats and Streams Nov 1- 7 Power plants and Dams / About SEBI and IRDAI Linear Sitting arrangements Errors in Verbs
Day-10 Mensuration Nov 8-14 Important Lakes and Sanctuaries / About Credit Rating Agencies Circular Sitting arrangements Meaning for Idioms and Phrases (1st half)
Day-11 Data Interpretation (Table and Pie chart) Nov 15-21 Dance and Festival / Types of Loans and Negotiable Instruments Parallel Sitting arrangements Meaning for Idioms and Phrases (2nd  half)
Day-12 Data Interpretation (Bar and Line Graph) Nov 22-30 2011 Census / About IMPS, NEFT, RTGS Puzzle Phrase replacement (Vocabulary based)
Day-13 Data Interpretation ( Caselet ) and Quadratic Equations Dec 1-7 Important Temples, Mosque and Church / About UPI and  BHIM Input and Output (New pattern) Single fillers
Day-14 Time & Work (Applied in DI) Dec 8-14 National and International Stadiums / India’s GDP Prediction Coding and Decoding (New pattern) Wording Arrangement within a sentence
Day-15 Time & Distance (Applied in DI) Dec 15-21 Important Universities / SARFAESI Act Direction sense(New pattern) Sentence Arrangement
Day-16 Simple Interest and Compound Interest (Applied in DI) Dec 22-31 Superlatives (Largest, smallest, etc.) / Basel norms Blood Relationship (New pattern) RC based on Economics and Social issues
Day-17 Profit and Loss (Applied in DI) Jan 1-7 Cabinet Ministers and their Constituency / About MUDRA Bank Data Sufficiency Double Fillers
Day-18 Boats and Streams (Applied in DI) Jan 8- 14 Summits / About USSD and Bharat QR Linear Sitting arrangements (New pattern) Sentence Correction and

Cloze Test

Day-19 Inequalities (Quantity Based) Revision Cups and Trophies / About NPA, PCA and Ombudsman Circular Sitting arrangements (New pattern) Phrase Replacement (Grammar based)

Triple fillers

Day-20 Data Sufficiency Revision Revision (Static GK) Parallel Sitting arrangements  (New pattern) Error Spotting
Day-21 Revision Revision Static GK Quiz Puzzle (New pattern) Reading Comprehension
Day-22 Special Sectional Test (Quantitative Aptitude)-1 CA Quiz Revision (Banking) Special Sectional Test (Reasoning)-1 Special Sectional Test (English)-1
Day-23 Special Sectional Test (Quantitative Aptitude)-2 CA Quiz Banking Awareness Quiz Special Sectional Test (Reasoning)-2 Special Sectional Test (English)-2
Day-24 Mock Test Set-1 CA Revision (September 2017)
Day-25 Mock Test Set-2 CA Revision (October 2017)
Day-26 Mock Test Set-3 CA Revision (November 2017)
Day-27 Mock Test Set-4 CA Revision (December 2017)
Day-28 Mock Test Set-5 CA Revision (Up to 18th Jan 2017)
Day-29 Mock Test Set-6 Revision (English)
Day-30 Mock Test Set-7 Revision (Banking Awareness)
Mock Test Set-8
Mock Test Set-9
Mock Test Set-10

 IBPS Guide wishes you all a Grand Success

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