Time Management Tips for IBPS Clerk Examination | IBPS Clerk Exam Guide

Time Management Tips for IBPS Clerk Examination | IBPS Clerk Exam Guide:
IBPS Clerk Online Examination is one of the easiest examinations if you manage your time in the examination hall properly. Most of the people prepare well but they makes mistake in time management. Here we have given more useful time management tips, which will be helpful for the candidates.

Ø Initially before starting the examination, spend few seconds to bring the mind to attend max question all with correct answers. Most of the people answer wrongly for the well known questions due to bad time management, and most of them agree it.
Ø We all know that IBPS Clerk examination consist of five parts, General Awareness, Computer, English, Aptitude, and Reasoning. And each parts carry 40 marks and total exam timing 120mins.
Ø Here we have to manage our time properly to attend maximum correct questions. Allot your timing as given below,

General Knowledge, Computer, English
40 mins
Reasoning, Aptitude
80 mins

Ø Try to score maximum marks in General Knowledge and Computer and it is easy too. And you can complete the GK and Computer Questions within 20 mins. After finishing the GK and Computer part go through it fully and make it clear that all the answer that you have given in 100% correct.
Ø Then you have English part it have 40 questions here. Attend max questions and give correct answers. In this case if you have fast reading practice you can score easily.
Ø Now after completing GK, Computer and English part within 40 mins now you have 80 mins remaining and two more parts ahead.
Ø Reasoning and Aptitude in 80 mins. Start with reasoning and answer the well know questions first, if you completed 20-25 question with correct answers in 30-35 mins then jump on to Aptitude, because maths requires some extra time to solve answers.
Ø For this preplanning will be more helpful, plan clearly at home about youe strength and weakness and based on that question model you can attend the maths question in that priority wise.
Ø After completing Reasoning and Aptitude questions, take 2 mins to go through the answered questions and make clear that all the answers are 100% correct.
Ø Very important thing is, most of the people start with Aptitude in the exams, as they thing that it will take so much and to complete fast, but their guessing is wrong. If you start with aptitude it will swallow your time and you will be locked at the end of the exams and spoil your exam.
Ø Attend you exam in this order to score more marks, GK, Computer, English, Reasoning, and Aptitude. People who have cleared their exams have suggests this methods.
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