Tips to find the MOST SIMILAR Word in English Questions Part-I

    Tips to find the MOST SIMILAR Word
    Tips to find the MOST SIMILAR Word in English Questions Part-I:
    Useful tips to find the MOST SIMILAR word in the English Questions were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for banking and all competitive exams can use this tips. 

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    ·        In order to use a language accurately and effectively one should have a very good vocabulary.
    ·        The more number of words you know the better will be your ability to communicate.
    ·        The best way to improve your vocabulary is to practice extensive reading and listening.
    ·        Consult a dictionary and note the pronunciation, meaning and usage of the word or phrase help us to increase the language skill.
    ·        The only way you can add new words to your active vocabulary is by using them in your own sentences while speaking and writing.
    ·        Whenever you look up a new word in the dictionary, uses that word along with the sentence while you speaking and writing.
    ·        By using that new vocabulary, while speaking helps you to remember that word, even though you learn plenty of words.
    ·        When you consult a dictionary to check a word, you should go beyond the pronunciation and meaning of the word.
    ·        And another easy way is that, for example, when you learn that anophthalmologistis aneye specialist,you should make an effort to find the words for a heart specialist, a bone specialist, a skin specialist, a child specialist, a cancer specialist and so on.
    Examples with Explanation:
    Find the MOST SIMILAR Word:

    1.) Abate:
    Meaning: become less strong; decrease
    Example Sentence: The people in the coastal areas prayed for the cyclone toabate.
    a.   Lessen
    b.   Conclude
    c.   Arrange
    d.   Loosen

    2.) Abjure:
    Meaning: state publicly that you will give up a particular belief or way of life
    Example Sentence: The President called upon the two groups toabjure violence.
    a.   Celebrate
    b.   Falsify
    c.   Concede
    d.   Renounce

    Meaning: the things you do to make yourself clean, such as washing yourself, brushing your teeth.
    Example Sentence: After the morningablutions, he went for a walk.
    a.   Worship
    b.   Washing
    c.   Arrangement
    d.   Penance

    Meaning: willingly agree to do what someone wants
    Example Sentence: Many people thought the police wereacquiescing in the crime.
    a.   Limit
    b.   Fumble
    c.   Agree
    d.   Destroy

    Meaning: a remark or action that offends or insults someone
    Example Sentence: The boss considered the watchman’s behavior anaffront to him.
    a.   Loyalty
    b.   Humility
    c.   Offence
    d.   Annoyance

    Meaning: loyalty to a leader, country, belief, etc.
    Example Sentence: Every Indian pledgesallegianceto the tricolor.
    a.   Helplessness
    b.   Hostility
    c.   Loyally
    d.   Delay

    Meaning: the way a place makes you feel
    Example Sentence: The food is good, but theambienceis poor.
    a.   Sound
    b.   Surroundings
    c.   Temperature
    d.   Music

    Meaning: not sure whether you want or like something
    Example Sentence: My brother’s thoughts about going abroad wereambivalent.
    a.   Long-winding
    b.   Unsure
    c.   Initial
    d.   Quick

    Meaning: strong dislike or hatred
    Example Sentence: There was no personalanimositybetween the rival leaders.
    a.   Brutality
    b.   Veracity
    c.   Paucity
    d.   Hostility

    Meaning:strong dislike or opposition towards someone of something
    Example Sentence: I have a strongantipathytowards communalism.
    a.   Dislike
    b.   Approval
    c.   Similarity
    d.   Notoriety

    1.) a)  2. b)  3. b)  4. c)  5. b)  6. c)  7. b)  8. b)  9. a) 10. a)

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