Tips to Solve Sentence Rearrangement in English Questions

    Tips to Solve Sentence Rearrangement
    Tips to Solve Sentence Rearrangement in English Questions:
    Important tips to solve Sentence Rearrangement in English Question in all Banking and all other competitive exams were given here. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can use it.

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    Sentence Rearrangement:
    In this type of question, basically, you are given a paragraph or sentence- but the sentences (in case of paragraph) or words (in case of sentence) are not in the right order. It’s up to you to untie this knot and rearrange the sentences or words so that they logically make sense.

    Sentences rearrangement questions are included in BANK exams as they
    ·        Help students relate events in a logical manner
    ·        Sequence sentences based on English usage skills

    How to tackle these type of questions?
    ·        To tackle these of questions, you have to know three things.
    ·        Theme of the paragraph that might be created on un-jumbling the sentences.
    ·        Initiating sentence, which starts the paragraph
    ·        Links have to be found between two sentences. Once a link of this type is created, it becomes easy to eliminate irrelevant choices.

    How to save time while solving these types?
    It is very important to read selectively and search for transition words or other keywords.
    The best way is to establish a link between any two (or more) statements. Once a link is found, you get to know which statements will come together. Then, look in the options. Select the option with those statements together.

    Example 1:
    A.  1971 war changed the political geography of the subcontinent
    B.  Despite the significance of the event there has been no serious book about the conflict
    C.  Surrender at Dacca aims to fill this gap
    D.  It also profoundly altered the geo-strategic situation in south-East Asia
    (a) ACBD
    (b) CACB
    (c) BADC
    (d) ADBC

    ·        We can see that sentence A is most likely the starting sentence. Now that we know that A is the starting sentence we can eliminate choice (b) and (c) as they start with C and B respectively.
    ·        This narrows down our possibilities to option (a) and option (d).
    ·        Now we can see in option (a), C follows sentence A but the gap spoken of in sentence C has correlation with political geography of the subcontinent spoken of in sentence A, so we can rule out option (a).
    ·        Therefore answer has to be option (d), as we can also see it elaborates on the change mentioned in sentence A.

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