Useful Tips about English Grammar- Nouns

Useful Tips about English Grammar
Useful Tips about English Grammar- Nouns:
More useful tips about the in English Grammar was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the banking and all other competitive exams can use these materials which will help you to get basic ideas about English Grammar.

    A noun is a naming word. It can be the name of a person, place, animal, thing or event.

Types of Nouns:

Ø Common Noun
Ø Proper Noun
Ø Collective Noun
Ø Abstract Noun
Ø Material Noun
1.) Common Noun:
    A common noun names general things. It is the name that is common to the same kind of persons, place or things.
Ex. soldiers, spoons, girls, pens, birds etc

2.) Proper Noun:
    A proper noun name specific things. It is the name of a particular person, place, thing or event. It begins with a capital letter.
Ex: Kolkata, Kabir Khan, Hogghly, Sophia Girls’ School, etc.

3.) Collective Noun:
         A collective noun is the name given to a group of people or things. A collective noun is treated as a singular noun. Collective nouns take everything under one group.

4.) Abstract Noun:
    An abstract noun names qualities in persons, animals or things. It is usually the name of a quality, actions or state which we normally cannot see or touch, though we can feel them or think of them.

5.) Material Noun:
    A material noun names something we can see and touch, a substance, a material, something used for making things. It can also be an article of food or drink.
These are the raw elements or objects existing in nature.
Exercise- Underline the noun and name its kind – common (Com), proper (Pro), collective (Coll), abstract (Abs), material (Mat).

1.) The Sun Temple depicting mythological conception of the Sun God riding twenty four wheeled chariots driven by seven horses carved in stone is at Konark, Orrisa.
Answer: TheSun Temple(pro)depicting mythological conception of theSun God(pro)ridingtwenty four (com)wheeled chariots driven byseven horses(pro)carved instone(mat)is atKonark, Orrisa.(pro)
Explanation: Here, Sun Temple, Sun God, is proper noun, as it is mentioned specific thing and also mentioned about a particular place, and Konark, Orrisa, as it mention about the place. And seven horses mentions about the numbers so it is common noun. Next, stone is material noun as we can see the touch and we can also touch the stone.

2.) Abraham Lincoln was the man responsible for abolishing slavery and injustice in the United States of America.
Answer:Abraham Lincoln(pro)was theman(com)responsible for abolishingslavery(abs)and injustice in theUnited States of America.(pro)
Explanation: Abraham Lincoln as it mentions the particular name and United States of America is also mentions about the particular place so they both are proper nouns. Man, as it means about the person so it is common noun. Slavery, as it mentions about the quality of the person, so it is abstract noun.

3.) Rajasthan is a land of kings and is famous for its royal grandeur.
Answer:Rajasthan(pro) is a land ofkings(com) and is famous for itsroyal grandeur(pro).
Explanation: Rajasthan, mentions about the particular place and Royal grandeur is an event, so they both are considered to be proper nouns. Kings is specifically mentions about the person, so this is common noun.

4.) A plague of locusts destroyed the entire crop of grains.
Answer:A plague of locusts(com)destroyed the entirecrop(pro)ofgrains.(pro)
Explanation: A plague of locusts is a form of a group of things, and this is a collective noun. Crops and grains are mentions about the particular things. So this is proper noun.

5.) Tourism is the backbone of San Francisco’s economy.
Answer: Tourism is the backbone ofSan Francisco’s(pro)economy.
Explanation: San Francisco is a particular and specific place so this is proper noun.

6.) Los Angeles is a city brimming with energy and creativity.
Answer:Los Angeles(pro)is acity(com)brimming with energy and creativity.
Explanation: Los Angeles is a particular place, so this is a proper noun. City is a general city, so this is a common noun.

7.) Camel riding, a traditional sport, is extremely popular in the Emirates.
Answer:Camel(pro)riding, a traditional sport, is extremely popular in theEmirates.(com)
Explanation: Camel is a particular animal, so this is a proper noun. Emirates are the general place, so this is a common noun.

8.) I was surprised to see a brood of chicks and a litter of puppies playing together.
Answer: I was surprised to see abrood of chicks(coll)and alitter ofpuppies(coll)playing together.
Explanation: Brood of chicks and litter of puppies are group of animals, so this is a collective noun.

9.) A.R.Rahman is the first Indian music composer, who won the Oscar award in the year 2009.
Answer:A.R.Rehman(pro)is the first Indianmusic composer,(com)who won theOscar award(pro)in the year 2009.
Explanation: A.R.Rehman is a particular person and Oscar award is a particular award, so they both are proper nouns. Music composer is a general instrument so this is a common noun.

10.) Renowned both for its beauty and as source of hydro electric power, the Niagara Falls is a massive waterfall on the Niagara river.
Answer: Renowned both for itsbeauty(com)and as source of hydro electric power, theNiagara Falls(pro)is a massive waterfall on theNiagara river(pro)
Explanation: Beauty is a general and common thing, so this is a common thing. Niagara Falls and Niagara River are mentioned about particular place so this is a proper noun.

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