Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Adjectives

Usage of Adjectives
Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Adjectives:
More useful tips about the usage of Adjectives in English Grammar was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the banking and all other competitive exams can use these materials which will help you to get basic ideas about English Grammar.

About Adjectives:

·        An adjective is a describing word. It qualifies anoun and adds to the meaning of it.
·        Adjectives are used before nouns to qualify them directly or used after linking verbs to qualify them indirectly. Some adjectives can be used only attributively or only predicatively.
·        Adjectives of quality refer to certain qualities:brave, rich, poor, polite, intelligent.
·        Adjectives ofsize, weight& shape refer to thesize, weight& shape,ex:tall, heavy, flat.
·        Adjectives ofcolor; ex: black, blue, green, yellow.

·        Classifying adjectives or Proper adjectives are made from proper nouns.

Exercise- Fill in the blanks with suitable Adjectives:

1.) We got up ________ than usual this morning. (early)
a.   Earliest
b.   Early
c.   Earlier
d.   Is early

2.) They are walking as ________ as they can to catch the bus. (fast)
a.   Fast
b.   Faster
c.   Fastest
d.   Was fast

3.) Waleed is the ___________ useful child in the family. (most)
a.   Is most
b.   Was most
c.   Most
d.   Much

4.) Internet is becoming ____________ than it was in the past (cheap).
a.   Cheaper
b.   Cheapest
c.   Is cheap
d.   Was cheap

5.) There is no one as ________ (famous) as this man in this city.
a.   Is famous
b.   Was famous
c.   Famous
d.   For famous

6.) We had __________ kinds of food in our restaurant which is __________ than those in others. (different, taste)
a.   Different, tastier
b.   Is different, taste
c.   Different, taster
d.   None of these

7.) Laila works as _________ as her sister but gets __________ marks than her. (hard, good)
a.   Harder, good
b.   Hard, good
c.   Hardest, better
d.   Harder, good

8.) She has never eaten as ______ as this before. (much)
a.   Much
b.   More
c.   Most
d.   None of these

9.) The family took _______ time to pack than ever. (much)
a.   More
b.   Most
c.   Much
d.   Is

10.) He has got as _______ donkeys as his brother but he is not as ________ as him. (many, happy)
a.   More, happiest
b.   Most, happy
c.   Much, happy
d.   Many, happy
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