Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Conjunctions

Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Conjunctions
Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Conjunctions:
More useful tips about the usage of Conjunctions in English Grammar was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the banking and all other competitive exams can use these materials which will help you to get basic ideas about English Grammar.


     Conjunctions or connectives are words that are used to connect two words or phrases or clauses in order to show the relationship between the ideas in them. The use of conjunctions makes the expressions neat and compact.

     Conjunctions can be single words such asand, or, but, so, yet, therefore, though, when, although, if, after, also, however, that, where, beforeetc.

     Conjunctions can be coordinating conjunctions, connecting two items of equal status or ideas, or subordinating conjunctions, connecting items of unequal status and meaning.

Usage of Conjunctions with Explanations:
1.) She is talkative _______ she is in trouble.
a.   So
b.   And
c.   If
d.   Also

2.) Sundar is rich ________ friendly with all.
a.   Is
b.   Was
c.   But
d.   If

3.) The bus is full ____________ the taxi is empty.
a.   Though
b.   And
c.   If
d.   Therefore

4.) Please give some hot _____ cold water.
a.   As
b.   So
c.   That
d.   Or

5.) It is cold outside, ________ we stayed inside all the time.
a.   Are
b.   And
c.   Is
d.   So

6.) Is she coming today __________ tomorrow?
a.   Or
b.   So
c.   And
d.   Are

7.) The teacher ________ his students is invited.
a.   And
b.   Is
c.   But
d.   As well as

8.) Joseph ______ Dawood are classmates.
a.   Was
b.   Were
c.   Is
d.   And

9.) I am not only a teacher ________ also a parent.
a.   But
b.   Though
c.   Whether
d.   Is

10.) ____________ Mohan or his wife is responsible for this party.
a.   Neither
b.   Either
c.   Was
d.   is

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