Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Past Participle

Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Past Participle
Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Past Participle:
More useful tips about the usage of Past Participle in English Grammar was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the banking and all other competitive exams can use these materials which will help you to get basic ideas about English Grammar.

The word which is partly a verb and partly and adjective in its use is called a participle.

·        ThePast Participle being the third form of the verb takes many forms, such as verb plusd/ed/en.
Example– We saw some treesladenwith fruits.
Example Questions with explanations:

1.) ­­­­__________ with her work, she could not meet us.
a.   Have been occupied
b.   Is occupied
c.   Being occupied
d.   Has occupied

2.) Market _________on Sunday, we could buy nothing.
a.   Been closed
b.   Is closed
c.   Closing
d.   Being closed

3.) Adhar is a _______ player.
a.   Retiring
b.   Has retired
c.   Retired
d.   Is retired

4.) The house was _________ with lights, the house looked beautiful.
a.   Decorate
b.   Decorated
c.   Has decorate
d.   Have decorated

5.) The farmer ________ all days, and earns money.
a.   Works
b.   Worked
c.   Working
d.   Is worked

6.) He ________ the tickets before one week
a.   Books
b.   Is booked
c.   Has booked
d.   booked

7.) Yesterday the farmer met a girl who ________ a bundle of sticks.
a.   Is carrying
b.   Has carried
c.   Carried
d.   Was carrying

8.) She has ________ to compromise
a.   Refused
b.   Refusing
c.   Is refused
d.   Was refused

9.) Renuka ________ the play in the theatre.
a.   Watches
b.   Watched
c.   Is watch
d.   Was watched

10.) Disha _______, when she getting off the bus.
a.   Slipped
b.   Is slipping
c.   Was slipping
d.   Sleeping

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