Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Preposition Part-II

Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage of Preposition
Useful Tips about English Grammar- Usage ofPrepositions Part-II:
More useful tips about the usage of Prepositions in English Grammar was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the banking and all other competitive exams can use these materials which will help you to get basic ideas about English Grammar.

About Prepositions:

     Prepositions are meaningful words that show the relationship betweennouns ornoun phrases and other words in a sentence. There are many prepositions in English such asin, on, up, to, for, since, above, across, by, till, between etc.

     Prepositions are complex and there are very few rules about using them. Certain prepositions go with particularnouns, verbs andadjectivesthat are generally not changed.

For Example:
Congratulations on someone’s success, good at something, apologize for something, prefer something to something, agree with someone, agree to something, agree on a proposal, agree about a subject of discussion, get on a bus, get into a house, get off a taxi, get to the station, get along with someone, giggle or laugh at someone, laugh with someone, look at something, listen to something.

     So, the use of prepositions can be learnt only through constant practice with attention on the use of each of them.

Exercise- Fill the blanks with suitable prepositions:

1.) The car is ________ the garage.
a.   From
b.   At
c.   In
d.   To

2.) They left home _______ six in the morning.
a.   So
b.   Is
c.   At
d.   On

3.) We are sitting __________ the tree.
a.   Under
b.   so
c.   is
d.   from

4.) We took the toy ___________ the child and so it cried.
a.   Is
b.   From
c.   was
d.   on

5.) My elder son was born ________ April.
a.   Was
b.   Is
c.   From
d.   In

6.) I am waiting here _______ 8 _____ 10 patiently.
a.   In, under
b.   From, to
c.   Was to
d.   In, at

7.) My mother always cooks lunch __________ 11 a.m.
a.   At
b.   Was
c.   Is
d.   In

8.) Where is mu room ________ this house?
a.   Was
b.   In
c.   At
d.   From

9.) Phoning _______ night is cheaper.
a.   At
b.   Was
c.   Under
d.   From

10.) Do you walk __________ your house to college every day?
a.   In
b.   Above
c.   At
d.   From
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