Useful Tips for English Grammar- Usage of Conjunctions Part-II

Useful Tips for English Grammar- Usage of Conjunctions
Useful Tips for English Grammar- Usage of Conjunctions Part-II:
More useful tips about the usage of Conjunctions in English Grammar was given here, candidates those who are preparing for the banking and all other competitive exams can use these materials which will help you to get basic ideas about English Grammar.

1.)Scarcely or hardly is followed bywhen.
Example: Scarcely had I entered the room when I heard a shriek.
                Hardly had I slept when the telephone rang.

2.)Though is followed byyet.
Example: Though he worked hard yet he failed.

3.)No sooner if followed bythan.
Example: No Sooner did we reach there than it began to rain.

4.)Not only is followed bybut also.
Example: Not only did he help her, but also dropped her home safely.

5.)Lest is negative and so should not be followed bynot; it is followed byshould.
 Example: Work hard lest you should fail.

6.) Ifwould ormay is used in place ofshould, then else should be used in place oflest.
Example: Give him water, else he may die.
                Leave on time, else you would miss the train.

7.)Both is complemented byand, not byas well as.
Example: Both Amit and Sathish are good at Physics.

8.)So as is used in negative sentences, where,as…… is used in affirmative sentences.
Example: He is not so tall as his brother.
                He is as tall as his brother.

9.)Other is followed bythan.
Example: He has no other claim than his wealth.

10.) The wordreason is not followed bybecause, but bythat.
Example: The reason why he didn’t go was that his mother was ill.

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