“VIVA on Computer Knowledge” (Answer Updated)

    “VIVA on Computer Knowledge”
    “VIVA on Computer Knowledge”:

    Dear Friends, This session is an initiative of our team which will conducted daily which mainly concentrates on evaluating skill and knowledge of our viewers. In this session we are going to ask set of questions without giving any options which are important in examination point of view, you need to think on those questions and give answers by commenting below and you can also ask your questions from today’s particular subject. After 2 hours we will give answers.

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    Today’s VIVA Questions:

    1. Hard copy is a term used to describe _________ .

    Answer: Printed Output
    2. Shortcut key used to Insert Page Break is ____________.

    Answer: Ctrl+Enter
    3. An X-OR gate produces an output only when it’s two inputs are _________

    Answer: Different
    4. A Register is a group of ___________ .

    Answer: Flip Flops
    5. The First Microprocessor was ______.

    Answer: Intel 4004 
    6. 8085 was introduced in ________.

    Answer: 1976
    7. The Device which converts instructions into the binary form that is understood by the computer and supply to the computer is known as___.

    Answer: Input
    8. Laptop PCs are also known as ___Computers

    Answer: Notebook
    9. The symbol is used to indicate a point at which decision has to be made __ .

    Answer: Decision

    10. Windows 98 is ____________.

    Answer: Operating System

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