“VIVA on General Awareness” (LIC AAO Special) Answers Updated

    “VIVA on General Awareness” (LIC AAO Special)
    “VIVA on General Awareness” (LIC AAO Special):
    Dear Friends, This session is an initiative of our team which will conducted daily which mainly concentrates on evaluating skill and knowledge of our viewers. In this session we are going to ask set of questions without giving any options which are important in examination point of view, you need to think on those questions and give answers by commenting below and you can also ask your questions from today’s particular subject. After 2 hours we will give answers.

    Today’s VIVA Questions:
    1. Who is responsible for administering the Right to Information Act?
    Answer:The Central Information Commissioner

    2. Government launched an initiative ‘Sehat’. It was about _______.
    Answer:Providing Telemedicine in collaboration with Apollo hospitals

    3. In which state the union government will introduce e-transfer of wages under MGNREGA from January 2016?

    4. Which Indian city is popularly known as ‘The City of Lakes’?

    5. Many a time we read a term “ppp» in financial newspapers. What is the full form of the same as used in financial world?
    Answer:Purchasing Power Parity

    6. Which public work scheme has been named world’s largest public work scheme?

    7. Matti Makkonen, who died recently, was known as _____?
    Answer:Father of SMS

    8. Commercial Papers are the name of the “Certificate of Deposits” provided by the Banks to its retail customers. True / False.

    9. Sampada is a facility for e-registration of property documents launched by which state?
    Answer:Madhya Pradesh

    10. The Nohkalikai Falls, tallest plunge type waterfall in the country, is in which state?

    11. Who is the Indian American scientist recently awarded Russia’s top technology award?
    Answer:Jayanat Baliga

    12. The real return to the investor sometimes gets reduced due to sudden rise in the prices of the commodities. This phenomenon in financial market is knows as
    Answer:Market Risk

    13. Yevgeny Primakov, who died recently, was a former Prime Minister of which country?

    14. The Foreign Exchange Reserves of India are kept in the custody of
    Answer:Reserve Bank of India

    15. Which country is the largest market for Indian Sea-food Products?

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